Is it just me…

by destinyflores

Is it just me or is it becoming harder and harder to wake up in the mornings the older Miles gets? I remember the first 4 months I couldn’t wait to wake up since he was his happiest in the morning & I couldn’t wait to play with him and see his cute little face. I also think since he slept so well from the beginning (usually only waking once to eat). I have also been a morning person since as far back as I can remember. I have always had a job that starts at 8… atleast since high school (which also started at 8). Nowadays Miles is waking more throughout the night, especially the last week since he was sick, and is more exhausting during the day needing tons and tons of attention. He has pretty much given up on most of his toys and prefers everything he shouldn’t play with: napkins, wipe containers, spoons, cups, drink coasters, newspapers, EVERYTHING. 


This age is the most wild age so far. He is almost 7 months (on the 3rd) and no where near crawling since he hates tummy time but rolls around his play gym and sits totally by himself playing with everything around him. He loves banging toys together or against something and wants EVERYTHING we have, look at, eat, drink or walk by. I love seeing him grow and take new interest at things and though it’s all extremely exhausting somedays I know it’s only temporary and again, someday he will be too old to want mommys kisses, hugs and cuddle sessions on the couch. ahhhhh …. 

Ok where was I? Oh ya I am super tired every morning, to the point where Marcus and I argue viciously about who is going to wake up with him this time. We tried splitting up the week and giving the other a chance to ”sleep in” some mornings. tips? Does it get easier? I am also hoping and looking forward to a new and better routine when we get back to the US and into our own apartment and a complete schedule, also some days at daycare for Miles to give us both a break from eachother. He has become quite the mommy’s boy lately and that’s not good for either of us….

Were heading into the archipelago today to a friends summer house for the night and day tomorrow so my updating may be poor


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