a promise to Miles…

by destinyflores

I have decided to make several promises as a mother

I promise first of all to do my best in keeping these promises
1. I will love you forever and unconditionally for as long as you live
2. I promise to support almost all of your crazy & wild ideas as you grow up (or atleast listen)
3. I promise I will never hurt you physically or mentally. No matter how angry I get I will/we will NEVER lay our hands on you.
4. I will embrace your wild side and try to stay wild with you
5. When you wake up at the crack of dawn I will try to stay happy and look at it as more time spent together
6. I will do my best to explain why no means no and why you can’t have ice cream before dinner
7. I will let you play hard, get dirty and make as many friends as possible without ruining my house 😉
8. I will show you the respect I ask for myself
9. I will consider the bond with your dad just as important as the one we share
10. I will listen to others “parenting recommendations” and take what I like & leave the rest behind
11. I will never compare you if you promise not to do the same
12. Everyone is different, we all grow at different paces & learn the same way… I know this & will keep this in mind.
13. You are unique & I love this about you & will forever

I am sure these may tweak a bit but I SWEAR to always remember and try my best to hold to these promises.