summer full of rain

by destinyflores

Believe it or not we are actually enjoying this rainy and cold summer. It feels almost as if we went south for the summer and are getting a real ”fall/winter”. We have had months of intense heat, sun and no sign of rain in Santa Barbara and now we finally get to dust of our umbrellas and I get to wear all my fall jackets that have just been sitting in my closet… unfortunately we brought a lot of shorts, tanks and bikinis to Sweden which only means one thing…. time to shop 🙂 (which I don’t mind). Anyways Miles loves the rain too, his favorite thing is when I cover his stroller with our handy dandy rain cover… he just stares and plays with the rain drops from the inside. 

Today we met a friend from Santa Barbara visiting Stockholm from Denmark… lots of internationality going on lol

after 2 cafe’ lattes and my favorite raspberry crumble pie we headed out in the rain! Miles was killing the ladies today in his new Led Zepplin tee from H&M.