by destinyflores

Yesterday we spent the day in Djurgården, a little part of Stockholm filled with beautiful paths to walk, theme parks, and tons of museums. We originally planned on visiting the aquarium but after remembering how small it is inside and not being able to take the stroller in we decided to try something new. I had never been to the Vasa museum, a museum that holds a huge ship from the 1600s that sank outside of Stockholm on it’s journey to Poland. The museum was amazing and had 7 floors of amazing history. We spent around 3 hours reading and exploring every bit of it 🙂 after coffee and cake we headed home. I think that’s the last of museum visiting we will be doing this summer. We have already seen what we need to for the most part and decided to spend the rest of the summer enjoying the non tourist parts of Sweden 😉

Today is cloudy and gray as every other day and were finding ourselves restless and out of ideas for how to spend the day. We should’ve joined the American families picnic in the city but since it started at 10:30 it was the middle of Miles’ nap and just didn’t work for us. I joined a meetup group for American parents though and discovered a 4th of July picnic this weekend in Lidingö! 🙂