Home sweet home

by destinyflores

Ok mom here it goes… I’m ready to come home. All these years away from Sweden I found myself wanting to move there more and more and feeling like there was something here I couldn’t get back home.

I realize now it’s not what it was for me when I was
1. Not a mom
2. Not living with my boyfriend
3. Had a steady income
4. better weather
5. Didn’t love Santa Barbara as much as I do now

Just before we came here it felt as if we had it all. (I feel like that every time I go somewhere new). I had an apartment I loved, Miles was in a perfect routine and slept through the night, We started making amazing dinners together and had a new ”wine plan”

Wine plan: Visit a tasting room nearby and buy a new, fun, affordable bottle of wine to sip throughout the week (as needed).

I miss Trader Joe’s more than anything by the way…
I also miss my family of course and wish we could have spent Mile’s first Fourth of July together enjoying BBQ & fireworks with friends.. I am glad Miles got to visit his Swedish family and I am sure we will return soon but I am ready to get back and once again start our lives.. 🙂

I also miss my friends terribly. I miss spending the weekends running around the funk zone eating fancy cheeses, soaking up the sun, and sipping delicious local wines. I missed my friends here when I was in Santa Barbara but now that I am here 2.5 years later I realize people work (full time), it’s raining constantly which leaves no room for outdoor picnics, and it’s BEYOND expensive to do anything whether it’s coffee or drinks. :/I miss the simplicity of California from the way people can walk around in flip flops or push their strollers on the beach socializing and waving at anyone that passes by.

I have joined mom groups here (mostly Swedish) but it isn’t the same.Either people get too nervous to speak English which is fine since I am fluent in Swedish but they usually don’t think I can even understand so they usually avoid me all together.

ok enough whining… we are only here for another month or so and we have tons of friends and family to visit and places to take Miles so I’ll stop dreaming of Trader Joes & California whine.. for now