New ideas…..

by destinyflores

Sitting here with a bowl of cheese balls and a glass of wine I find myself thinking… thinking mainly about this blog and what direction it’s going. Miles has quite a day today… between teething and growth spurts I don’t know whats worse. I woke up with a pounding headache this morning and thank god there are two of us in this equation, Marcus took over with Miles this morning for the most part. I find myself walking between the bedroom to breastfeed and the living room sofa to rest in between the tantrums and fits Miles throws throughout the day.

He has started sleeping till a decent time at least in the mornings but still wakes constantly throughout the night which usually ends in a nursing session back to sleep. Thank god for co sleeping.

I have decided after reading my favorite blogs today and realizing I usually don’t prefer reading about people’s daily lives as far as their ”outfit of the day” or what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner (unless it’s a tasty recipe I can steal). I prefer the real blogs. I like the ones that tell it like it is, I love and respect mommy bloggers that express feelings and real emotions on everything from staying up all night with a teether to watching baby take their first steps.

I have come across blogs that tend to sugar coat everything. I guess I can’t prove for sure that they’re lives aren’t as perfect as it seems but I can only imagine considering I am a mom of a 7 month old and find myself in between hugging him and slamming my head into a wall. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine but the moments that are, no matter how small, take over the moments like crying for an hour straight with daddy before finally getting to sleep and rejecting a perfectly pumped bottle of milk (letting it go to waste).

I promise from now on to keep it real & keep the bullshit aside. I love being a mom… don’t get me wrong but I promise to tell it like it is and keep you as inside my world as possible.

from here on out…