4th of July….

by destinyflores


20140704-175054-64254325.jpgHappy Birthday America, love Sweden. Today is 4th of July and though I usually spend it running the streets of Long Beach (or biking) with a camel-backpack filled with tequila or vodka red-bull and hiding beers in red cups while eating delicious American BBQ this year will be a bit different, as was last year. (good different)

Last year Marcus & I joined another couple on a sunset cruise around the SB harbor while they enjoyed some beer & wine & I sat pregnant and nauseous. This year will at least be a little better than that…

Unfortunately back home at my parents my grandpa (dad’s dad) passed away last night, July 3rd. His age had taken a toll on him the last few months and as he lay sick and old in a home with careless nurses a urine infection got the best of him…. though we weren’t close my dad is the one I feel the most sad for. His mother passed away when he was 6 on Christmas Eve and now his dad the day before 4th of July… My dad is one of the strongest people I know and I know deep down he may want to cry but can’t find the strength to.

anyways… too personal. I love you dad and wish I was there to have a cold one with you on this holiday. Miles & I send our love…

well well… Miles has been amazing today and in good spirits. It must be due to the fact that the sun finally showed it’s face about Stockholm and we escaped the apartment for some picnic at the park. After running around in daddy’s arms we headed home to start dinner.

Pork filet w. fresh Swedish potatoes (cant’ explain the difference between these and American potatoes but they’re covered in dirt because they actually are FRESH & are tiny and cook fast and taste amazing paired with a nice sauce) along with a red wine reduction a la’ chef Marcus.

We stocked up on rose’ wine and beer to finish the night on the balcony celebrating America 6,000+ miles away….after Miles falls asleep of course.