7 months…..

by destinyflores

Yesterday Miles officially turned 7 months old. I can’t believe how fast time flies. When I look back on those first 3 months especially it feels like a blur. I remember having this small being for the very first time and between Marcus & I thinking it was so easy considering how much he slept.

I always wondered why people complained of sleep deprivation…. Now I know.

I think the slowest months have been between 5 and now. He advances in so many ways like sitting, standing with assistance, talking (bapadasama), eating solids, yelling when he wants something … The list goes on

I feel though as if time has been going slowly the last two months. I guess because they’ve been the hardest. We have been stressed moving out, in, being unemployed, finishing finals and planning our summer in Sweden and now the stresses of moving back and finding a place start all over again.

I’m sitting here drinking my 2nd cup of Joe this morning and scanning craigslist for decent 2 bedrooms in Santa Barbara as if I can even do something about it from way over here… I can’t wait to find a place to call home. I’m dying to plant our very own garden, build some DIY patio/ indoor furniture and just settle for once …

Well it’s morning nap time.
Happy 4th of July America. I miss you