Ok seriously

by destinyflores

So when I first started breastfeeding I panicked. I had no idea what was appropriate, what people would think, or how to discretely breastfeed.

I absolutely don’t care anymore.

I, however don’t feel comfortable personally posting breastfeeding pictures consider I think it’s an intimate moment between my and baby just as it is for me and Marcus. I don’t judge those who do. I think it’s beautiful and I’ve never made a better decision than pushing through the pain of sore nipples and engourgment and waking more frequently to feed. I probably won’t Bf past a year because I plan on going back to work full time and unless I can make time to pump every 3 hours at work I’m not sure if it’ll last.

Breastfeeding has done wonders for Miles. He had his first cold recently and it only lasted a few days. He’s big and healthy and it works 99% of the time to soothe those late nights of teething tantrums.
As I said I had no idea where and when I was “”allowed”” to breastfeed in the beginning. I am guilty of sitting in a big stall in a restaraunt bathroom while my food got cold for almost 40 minutes of getting comfortable and getting Miles to latch as I sat on a toilet with toddlers banging on the door and peaking under to see what I was doing.
worst first public breastfeeding experience ever

Not to mention the sanitation factor or the fact that other people need to use the bathroom too.

Marcus and I used to walk all the way back to the car when we were out somewhere for me to feed cramped in the back seat with Miles head leaning against the car window. which was also covered with a blanket

Now that I look back…. I don’t know who I was afraid of. I must admit Marcus was more of the pusher for feeding in private not realizing how ok it was by almost everyone or how it affected me and Miles. After crying episodes and long walks to the car we threw in the towel.

I taught myself in IKEA one day to breastfeed in the baby bjรถrn and from then on our lives were changed. Miles loves side feeding or feeding in a carrier. I am pushing more for the classic lap holding lately since it’s convenient when out but keeping a cover over Us is a pain in the ass and let’s be honest who likes wearing nursing tops everyday.

It makes me sad that people get uncomfortable with a nursing mom in public and to be honest I’ll take the stares and whispers over a crying hungry baby any day. I don’t show much and if I have an occasional nip slip well…. It is what it is.

I read an amazing arrival from one of my favorite bloggers the C word today and had to share.

article found here


Santa Barbara Zoo simultaneously breastfeeding & walking.