Birth facts continued:

by destinyflores

I wrote 5 random facts from my labor and delivery on my Instagram account:
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The rest I’ll share here:
6. I had an anxiety attack and panicked and begged them to stop during the whole c section until Miles was finally out and I was injected with morphine
7. I only say miles for a few minutes as he laid on my neck after being cleaned up before they took him away and I recovered for 3 hours. Longest wait of my life.
8. Breastfeeding was a success thanks to my mom shoving it into his mouth alongside the lactation consultant but if I have another baby I am demanding an attempt at breastfeeding as soon as he’s out
9. Miles sugar was low and the nurses formula fed him behind my back leading to an argument after his sugar returned to a normal state the next day and only a couple ounces of formula the pediatrician said he was fine and could return to breastfeeding. As I took a nap a nurse fed him a formula bottle to avoid disturbing my sleep. 👊 I rose hell. (Nothing against formula but I was a scared new mom and after hearing about babies preferring one or the other at a your age or getting nipple confusion I panicked)
10. I got to stay a luxurious 5 nights with all meals included for Marcus and I from their fresh cafe downstairs and tons of help with Miles as I recovered from a painful surgery.

Please ask and questions about anything your interested in from breastfeeding to c sections ……

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