This is me after a good nights rest

by destinyflores

coffee gets my brain going. I can’t possibly start a morning without it. Lucky me this morning Miles woke around 7 and played in bed and jumped in his door swing watching Finding Nemo before coming back in bed with half asleep mommy to nurse and sleep till now… 10am! whoop whoop 🙂 I think the less late he naps at night the better at this point.

He napped at 930am yesterday his usual time then at 11 we headed for the American 4th (5th) of July BBQ thrown by the American Club Of Sweden in Lidingo. It was a day filled with national anthems (awkwardly belted and sang in front of swedes), hamburgers, warm sand and picnic blankets. Miles loved it all.

Next year he can hopefully participate in more of the toddler activities or actually care about the Swedish firemen and their truck that payed a visit… we shoved him inside anyways 😉

ok so where was I… ya he morning napped & then we went to the BBQ and he surprisingly fell asleep nursing on the picnic blanket and napped for a little in his stroller around 2pm. We left the BBQ around 3 and he was too excited to take another nap before bed. After his bath he started to get tired (6pm) I hate when he does this because it’s too late and close to bedtime for a nap so I either give in with a cat nap and push his bed time or keep him awake and cranky.

He fell asleep around 630/645. I poured myself a glass of wine & dreamt myself away ”fake trip planning” on my ipad… Maldives, Bali, India, Dubai.. half way through my glass the little man woke up and wasn’t showing any signs of going back down.

We played for a little and watched some animal planet on the couch, skyped Uncle David in the US & dreamt ourselves away together planning tropical winter trips 🙂

He went back to bed about 30min-hour later and I followed shortly after. Daddy didn’t get home till late from a night out with the guys watching the World Cup and drinking a little too many beers… luckily I got a good night’s rest and am in good spirits lately. Again.. must be the sun. 🙂

breakfast time now …. on the balcony…. in the sun.

puss puss//xo