just one of those days…

by destinyflores

Today started pretty early. 5:30 am to be exact. Miles had a rough adjustment to the new place we’re staying in and fell asleep around 630 and then woke up shortly after & didn’t officially go back to bed till 9:30pm.

We were offered Marcus’ sister’s 3 bedroom apartment just outside the city to stay in for the month of July & since it’s both closer to the city and our own space we decided to take her up on the offer. We spent last night and this morning moving and cleaning Marcus’ dad’s apartment. Luckily Miles fell back asleep around 6:30 (an hour after he woke up) till about 8:30 & Marcus took him for a little while I caught some Z’s….

After all the moving and chaos I met a friend Johan for Indian food during his lunch break. I must say Indian is my absolute FAVO and Marcus hates it so it was a real treat being able to eat it with someone today. 🙂

Today and yesterday have both been the hottest days so far since we’ve been here so I spent most of it laying out in the courtyard of our apartment alongside with Miles.

pretty uneventful day for the most part and now I finally got Miles to bed after an hour of trying. He skipped his early evening nap so I am hoping he stays asleep for awhile now…. the late Swedish summer sun is killing our bedtime routine. He both goes to bed late and wakes up early …. the sun doesn’t set till close to 11:30pm and rises around 4am… wahhhhh

anyways time for some decaf coffee & trashy TV while Marcus heads to football practice… oh ya maybe dinner?