baby led weaning cont..

by destinyflores

Miles is loving our new baby led weaning method . I am basically giving him whatever I can (that’s safe) and if he likes it great, if not we move on to something else. So far he loves cucumber sticks, strawberries, apples, crackers, pear.

Cucumber is a favorite by far & it must be because of it’s tough skin that feels amazing on his gums and the watery juice that falls from the inside. Strawberries & apple are probably his favorite combo 🙂

I am so excited things are finally working out, I thought I would have to breastfeed him forever :p tomorrow I plan on trying a little chicken or white fish… any tips on baby led friendly foods? I am in no rush to replace breastfeeding but it’s nice to give him something to stay busy with while mommy and daddy eat & give him the chance to explore new and exciting tastes and textures.