blame the sun

by destinyflores

You can blame the sun for my absence lately. We have spent the last two days either meeting friends for what Sweden calls a fika:

fika: meeting with friends, co workers, family, significant other over coffee & simply enjoying both the coffee and eachother’s company for an hour or so.

anyways yesterday we finished moving into our new place and laying out on our picnic blanket absorbing the warm Stockholm sun. Today we went to Hagaparken nearby and sunbathed, swam and had a yummy bulgur salad with Miles. Miles absolutely loves the water… he gets so excited if we even go near it and no matter the temperature he can’t wait to get in & splash around. After the park we walked back home in order to prep for dinner and company coming.

I found myself realizing today how much I actually did miss and love Stockholm. I know I was bitching the other day, blame the weather, but I do love this place and the people in it. However California is my home right now, & our relationship isn’t over quite yet. I am dying to get home (when we get a home) and start creating a life once again.

I’ve been job hunting like a maniac lately & so far no good but I am in contact with several companies so time will tell…. there isn’t too much of a rush to get back to work luckily since Marcus can take care of us the first couple months 🙂 I have a business plan I am desperate to start up & a partner in crime willing to help out…. so many grown up decisions coming our way, but first we have a few more weeks here in lovely Scandinavia and a mini Euro-trip coming up at the end of the month to enjoy before heading back to reality.