being a parent… (rant)

by destinyflores

I came across one of these ”attachment parenting” blogs recently and was blown away by the writer. She expressed her opinions on parenting but made it very clear how everyone’s child is their own and everyone does what is absolutely best for both baby and parent when the time comes.


I love reading up on different parenting methods and have done my share of trying different ways to ”raise”’ Miles but honestly in the end it’s all modified. I have heard tons of ”expert” parenting advice from just about EVERYONE with and without kids from the second I announced my pregnancy and it’s probably the most exhausting part about being a mom. How do I politely say ”that’s absolutely not something I believe in or want to try with Miles” without offending someone. I wish people would just let us be at times… for me, when it comes to my friends with babies, I haven’t said anything unless asked.

friend: ”’how was breastfeeding for the first time? any tips?”
des: ”I’ve got tons… blah blah blah, but then again this worked for me and everyone is different”

me: ”your going to breastfeed right? It’s super easy and they will ALWAYS latch you just have to get through the pain and push through it .

This is probably why I like getting most of my help from the internet. There is no one there judging which website you read or what you take from the forums. The hardest has been from my parents. I don’t want to offend the way they raised me or my siblings but that was more than 24 years ago that I was a baby and things have changed dramatically….

rice cereal isn’t as common and definitely isn’t recommended before 4 months

babies sleep on their backs vs. stomachs or sides

and breastfeeding is far more common than it once was

I know for the rest of our lives I will hear what I’m doing wrong or weirdly and it’s just something I have to live with & I promise Miles daddy & I will do absolutely whatever it takes to give you the best life we can. I promise to introduce you to as many exotic flavors, fruits and veggies as possible so your palate grows to love it all & I promise to let you visit the world & spread your little wings as soon as you can, even if I don’t want to let go.

I love you//we love you & believe it or not we’re doing what we think is best…. xx