coffee makes the world go round

by destinyflores

So Marcus and I decided to coffee tour the shit out of Sweden this summer. We are attempting to visit and try the ”top rated and/or most unique” coffee shops around us. We started yesterday with the famous Johan & Nystrom.

Hands down the best coffee I think I have ever had. They are one of Sweden’s biggest roasters and provide most of the coffee shops around town with their delicious brews. Anyone have any recommendations please let me know! Since the weather has been AMAZING lately we have done nothing inside or around my computer which has unfortunately led to a boring blog lacking in updates. sorry.

We spent one day in Norrtalje at a friends’ summer house lakeside eating delicious Swedish strawberries and enjoying the simple things about the countryside including lawn tennis, coffee, boating tours & tons of sun. On our way home we stopped by my friend Angie’s for dinner with her man and baby boy Alvar, Miles’ best friend. They are only a week apart and it’s so fun to watch them grow and develop over the weeks we have spent together.

Thank god Miles fell asleep perfectly after a long night of playing while the grown ups drank sangria & ate delicious BBQ on the patio under the warm Swedish sun. After dessert, coffee & more sangria (Marcus stayed sober to drive) we headed back to Stockholm (about 45min south). It was a real grown up evening and we talked about everything from finding out we were pregnant to giving birth.

The rain decided to pay us a visit yesterday evening and decided to stay for the day today which means we spent most of today inside which Miles is NOT a fan of :/He has been whining NON STOP today & poked his own eye somehow resulting in what looks like a popped blood vessel …poor little guy. Can’t wait for this day to be over so Marcus & I can hit the couch with a Californiacation marathon & a kilo of candy.

goodnight ❤