by destinyflores

As you know it has been quite the challenge having Miles here this summer. We have bounced back and forth between friends and family members homes & apartments trying to visit with everyone and have a place to stay. Luckily Miles will sleep anywhere but the trick has been getting him to sleep when it’s almost just as sunny outside at 10pm as it was at 3pm…

He went from an almost flawless routine in SB and was able to fall asleep with either Marcus and I barely holding his hand from the side of the bed or bassinet to now… pacifying himself to sleep with my boob, sweating skin to skin & taking almost 5 attempts every 20 min or so from around 7-830pm. :/ only to wake up again 2-3 times throughout the night to nurse him back to sleep… which usually results in me falling asleep with him in the small kids bed we have him in currently.

I need a massage.

Well well… another month or month and a half left here and I am already counting down the days as to when I can sleep train the shit out of him and get a solid nights sleep.

Anyways on a positive note baby led weaning is going beautifully. Miles has his favorite foods and will try almost anything. He loves to crunch crackers and bread in his hands or against the table so we try to keep things on the mushier side.
-cucumbers, watermelon, chicken, sourdough bread, strawberry, apple & noodles are his favorite so far.

I am still BFing as often as I can and find that he goes anywhere from 3-5 hours in between now which is CRAZY! I am constantly engorged… well was… my supply is going down now and though I should be pumping for a back up supply.. I suck and am either too lazy or would rather force feed him :/ (something I promise I am going to get better at so daddy can take him places every now and then).

what else…
he is quite the bossy little man these days and has started to scream and say “dada”. I am convinced however this doesn’t mean daddy is his first word since we have called Marcus ‘pappa’ since day 1 (Swedish for dad). Marcus will obviously tell you differently haha

Marcus is currently trying to pry me off of the ipad and keep me from planning dream trips around Europe this summer since we would rather spend the money in SB & have a wonderful semester there in a bigger and better apartment than last time. wahhhhhh….

Paris might have to wait this time around since our tickets back home aren’t even booked yet & we are looking at around 6-700 a pop.