I’m still the same old me

by destinyflores

Finally got an invite yesterday to go out with some girlfriends for an ”after work” as they call it here in Sweden. Afterwork translates to happy hour usually without the happy hour prices we have back home. After a long days of work you go out with co-workers, friends, sig-others to share drinks and appetizers. Wednesdays are pretty special here as they are also known as ”little satruday”, back home we have ”’Thirsty Thursday” in the good ol college days which are celebrated as an extension of the weekend.

Not sure what makes Wednesday so special here but anyways.

I have only been out out once since I’ve been here and I barely survived the hangover from hell not to mention the engorgment throughout the night and the shitty cost of a taxi back home because I couldn’t manage to figure out the night bus situation (wouldv’e taken an hour by bus anyways).

point is: I’m over the night life. I would kill however to get the chance to get some wine with friends at a loungy type of place where the music and lights are turned down low and there is no creepy wasted guy trying to cop a feel or check out your breasts which are only large because it’s been too long since you BF’d your babe… gross TMI

From what I’ve gathered is that most of my ”once friends” are either convinced now that I am a mom I want nothing more than to be home smothered in baby’s love or that I am tied down and can’t leave the house for a drink now that I’m a mommy. well well. two things wrong

1. Yes I love being smothered in Miles’ tiny little body and have my face scratched, sucked on and slobbered all over all day and night long but cleaning up and putting some bronzer on for once actually sounds fun

2. Yes I’m a mom and I have responsibilities far greater than some of my friends now that I’ve got a little man to care for, feed, play with and show the way but I am also human and still only 24 years old. My life is just beginning and though I don’t feel like getting wasted, crawling home & throwing up all night and the day after I still love going out, socializing and just meeting new people in general. I will however keep my cool, limit my alcohol intake, avoid cig smoke for Miles sake & get home at a decent time giving myself some hours of sleep before tackling the day ahead.

with that being said… please don’t forget about me. You’d be surprised what i can still make happen. 🙂

oh ya… when Miles does tag along for lunch, fika, dinner, picnic beware I may spend 80% of our conversation playing with him, feeding him, changing him, holding him or staring at him. I have grown an extra set of ears for you