time for ourselves

by destinyflores

Marcus & I got to spend some time with just the two of us this evening. After a day at the nearby splash pool with Miles & some grocery/clothes shopping we headed home to meet grandma. Marcus’ mom has been trying to get us out of the house for awhile now both so she could spend time with Miles & so we could have some time to ourselves. So nice πŸ™‚

well after hunting and harassing Yelp/google/whatsupstockholm we finally decided on dinner and drinks at Berns, a local bar/nightclub/restaurant in the upper class part of town πŸ˜‰ why not right?

well…. once we got on the subway my dusty old highheels, which haven’t been worn in ages, starting to rub and wear on my feet resulting in blisters and me almost falling down in front of everyone. We called it quits on journeying our way towards Berns and paid a visit to Garden (an outside bar in the hotel central area of town). (one of my favorite drink spots)

after a pre drink that cost an arm & a leg (dry daq. $20) we aimed for a nearby sushi place with high ratings and after taking the wrong bus and having to walk further than before just to arrive at a ”closed for summer” restaurant. wahhhhhhhhhh

I realized by this point I was craving tapas and the clock was ticking since we had to be back in time to put Miles to bed. He hasn’t been taking a bottle so well and we are working on some new ”sleep training” issues (I’ll go more into that in a later post)…basically he won’t go to sleep with anyone else but mamma …

ok so we stumbled around the cobble stoned roads of Stockholm and came to a random tapas place and called it a night. After a glass or two of tasty spanish wine and some decent tapas we trained it back to the little man who was anxiously waiting for us at the stations end.

We realized tonight as much as we ”need” a break from being parents sometimes, I really don’t want one. I love being with my two guys and as much as Miles drives me insane at times I miss him like crazy when I’m gone and my little mommy heart longs for him every second we’re apart. Jesus… what will I do when he moves out?

alright time for some netflix & swedish candy. Back to reality. Tonight was fun babe… let’s stick to what we do best πŸ˜‰