spoke too soon

by destinyflores

Ok so last night didn’t go AT ALL as planned.

I tried to put Miles to bed around 8pm since he was acting tired and his nap was about 4 hours earlier. It was a pain, he spent the whole time talking, yelling, playing with his blankets, rolling around, kicking me, and distracting himself with just about everything in the room.

I gave up.

Marcus took him for awhile and they played somewhere (this usually tires him out). After another 20 minutes I tried again, same thing, he was acting super frustrated kept nursing and releasing, spitting his pacifier out and biting his own arms and blanket. Yesterday we noticed the top of a little white tooth finally poking out on his bottom gum. This would mark the start of his first tooth and explain the bedtime resistance… poor little man.

anyways about an hour and a half later of trying he finally just laid there quietly, facing away from me, and talked himself to sleep. Once he was asleep he didn’t wake till about 4/5am and slept till 8:15! I can’t imagine the pain of a tooth cutting through the gums… and this is only the beginning.

This morning when it was nap time he did the same thing! He loves his 9/930 am nap and wouldn’t miss it no matter where he was, how loud it was, or who put him down. This time was different… frustrated, whining, sweating, crying, everything but sleeping. He would close his eyes and face me for cuddles for a few seconds then rip his pacifier out and start crying again 😦 I gave into the power of infant ibuprofen this time… I am hoping it helps with some of the pain and allows the little man some proper sleep.

lord get me through these next few weeks.months.years

I am not big on using medicine and at this rate I can imagine it being painful day in and day out so anyone have any tips on home remedies? Besides teething toys, frozen toys, blah blah… we’ve tried those and they’re either too cold to hold or thaw out too quickly.

tips are greatly appreciated
-love a tired mamma