the last 7 days

by destinyflores

ahhhh sory I dissapeard. It’s been a busy week. As you know Marcus, Miles & I have been staying at Marcus’ sister’s apartment closer to the city for the last month and it was time for her to come home so we had to pack up everything and move out over the weekend. 


Miles & I however fled for Skåne (Malmö) (the south of Sweden) to visit Stina (Miles’ godmother and her family). After a few days exploring Malmo Miles and I hopped on a train and headed to Copenhagen, Denmark to enjoy all there is there. 


Since it was just us two it was quite a journey and between the thunder storms and intense heat wave we made it through the day and came back with a bag of Denmark’s highest rated coffee. Miles & I did tons of walking, shopping and meeting of a few coffee shop owners there and learned a lot about Copenhagen & coffee which was amazing. 3 iced coffees, a feta watermelon salad and some shopping later we headed back to Malmö on the train. 

Monday early morning we flew back to Stockholm, about a 45 min flight, and lucky me Miles slept both the way there and back in the ergo on my chest… sitting in our seat. Perfect. The way there we had a whole row of seats to ourselves and unfortunately the plane was full the way there but we sat next to a 10 year old girl flying alone who kept Miles entertained during take off and landing when he had to wake up, face forward and wear a baby seat belt. 


We are now back at Marcus’ dads and on our last couple weeks here. I am looking forward to the move back already and starting to go through all we have to pack and figure out what we should take and what we should leave/donate/sell. Miles has started an obsession with rolling EVERYWHERE. He has known how to roll from front to back for awhile now but has never done two rolls in a row or realized it can take him places. Lucky for us because up until now we could leave him on beds and couches. We are back to co sleeping due to lack of space and I now can only sleep with him near the wall in fear of him rolling off. 


Next comes crawling… he still only sits and rolls but has started to enjoy being on his tummy more and is using his hands to prop himself up. I am not looking forward to beach and park adventures chasing a little eel around… 


anyways yesterday we spent the day at the beach with his little friend Alvar and family and today we sale shopped for future ”swedish brand” clothes for Miles. Thank god for us all the summer clothes go on sale since the cold winter is approaching, since we basically have summer year round we benefit from these 70% off deals!


ok pizza time. I promise more updating from here on out… I’ve got lots left to tell about BLW, feeding, rolling, Miles updates & everything else. 



ps pictures coming tomorrow as soon as I get more internet on my phone.