8 months and counting

by destinyflores

Baby boy please stop growing up so fast. My little man is 8 months old today and it still feels like just yesterday I was losing sleep at night because he wouldn’t stop kicking and flipping around in my tummy when now I lose sleep because he kicks and flips around in bed.

He’s rolling, sitting, standing, babbling, eating solids, laughing and turning into quite the charmer. As he lays next to me on the floor rolling around and banging his toy hammer on the walls I can’t help but want time to stand still. Even though he makes me wanna rip my hair out sometimes, I’m head over heels in love. Marcus and I have so much fun with him already and it’s all just beginning.
Even though I want him to remain this small and cuddly forever I can’t wait to hear the cute comments he makes and answer all his silly questions. We love you baby Miles and will continue to love you forever and ever …

Today we spent the afternoon in Hagaparken with Marcus’ oldest sister enjoying a picnic in the sun and them headed home for some grocery shopping and dinner with his dad.

Miles is up pretty late tonight since he took a nap from 6-7 but hey it’s kinda like his birthday right ?

Now for some wine for daddy & I to celebrate ourselves making it this far not only in one country but two and with tons of drama and moving in between. It’s not easy being an international couple but when you really love someone you make it work….

Love you daddy M ❤️