Miles’ necklace

by destinyflores

For those of you wondering why Miles is always wearing a necklace.
1. It’s not for looks
2. It’s an amber stone necklace
3. It’s made for babies aka choke proof, each bead is knotted individually & the clasp will break if pulled
4. It’s not for him to teeth on or bite. It releases a healing analgesic when warmed by the skin aka an alternative healing to over the counter medicine

For more info check this page out. You can order them through tons of vendors on etsy. Just make sure it’s raw amber 🙂

We’ve had luck. I think. Miles has been a pretty easy baby and though he has his whining moments and still hasn’t actually gotten a tooth he’s for the most part always happy and sleeps through the night. It’s worth a shot getting one of these necklaces and if your worried about baby wearing it, we take his off when he sleeps and put it around his ankle with a sick over it!