Worst day so far

by destinyflores

So the day started with Marcus & I arguing over who wakes up early with Miles more often and who deserves to sleep in. Seems to be the argument of the year lately…. We both are so tired in the mornings and still for some reason can’t agree on a system for waking up with the little man at 630/7 am. Anyways…

After some coffee and breakfast we got over it.

Today was supposed to be record breaking in the heat department so we decided on swimming. Arguing over a pool or beach swim we decided on a local beach. After that we argued on what to have for lunch resulting in an angry trip to the grocery store just to argue over what kind of meat to BBQ.

Anyways we made it to the beach. It was beyond crowded and with only a small bit of shade left for us we unpacked. Miles played on the picnic blanket as Marcus opened the one time grill from it’s packaging.

Since miles grabs EVERYTHING these days he grabbed the grill (not lit of course) as I was changing him and in order to avoid poop everywhere I yanked his hand away not realizing he was holding the grill.

Ok so he sliced his finger open a little and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I panicked. Cried. Yelled. We got in the car and headed to the ER to have it looked at. It was bleeding quite a bit considering his size and after a 2 hour wait it stopped and didn’t at all look bad. Miles was happy and himself the whole time and even using his hand to grab everything around him… We figured we would see the dr since we already made the co payment and didn’t want to look like bad parents leaving an ER waiting room.

The Dr called us in and literally 2 min later we were sent home with a band aid. Ughhhhh by the way our BBQ uncooked food sat in the car and we had to pay an arm and a leg for parking.

Well… First scare at the ER so far and I must say better safe than sorry. We did realize however we need to slow down and focus more and stop letting our frustrations get the best of us.

Love. One tired mommy