it’s all happening so fast

by destinyflores

It’s crazy how fast these little ones grow. I was just laying on the couch talking with Marcus about the possibility of another little someday… I know, too soon. Anyways somedays I feel like one is enough and how could I-we possibly do all this again but then he smiles or he babbles or starts to do something else super amazing and I’m sold.. ready for another. 

I remember so clearly the HELL HOUR we would face each night the first few months when he would do nothing but cry and want to be held close up against me, spending hours breastfeeding and skipping showers, meals, hugs with Marcus and then all the sudden it was over. Then there were the months where Miles only wanted me. nothing or no one else. We would again spend hours breastfeeding and cuddling, which sounds amazing but when you start stinking and missing out on life itself, it gets tough. Like I mentioned in the last post something amazing happened at 8 months. 


All this time I thought Miles would for sure skip crawling. He hated tummy time from day 1 and has spent most of his days from about 3 months only turning to his stomach to just turn back to his back right away, he never did more than 1 roll at a time & LOVED standing with the help of us or something else. 


All the sudden when I was in Malmö he rolled around like a maniac and still hasn’t stopped. He can roll himself all over the house in seconds and even off the bed, if we left him. scary stuff. 


well lately he’s been getting a lot of floor time and these hard wood floors make it possible for him to roll like a maniac to his little hearts desire and all the sudden today, he started making scooting attempts. He is spending most of his time on his tummy and hands and reaching with all his might for his favorite things, water bottle, plastic hammer, our phones. 


After realizing he could grip the floor and pull himself he has made a few attempts. I can’t believe it… ok sounds small but trust me, you moms know how I feel right now. I also don’t know how I feel about crawling haha… this means no more just sitting and playing in one area, this means no more picnics remaining on a blanket at the park… well well … it’s all SO WORTH it. Someday when he’s walking and running around I will miss the days he would army crawl around the house. 



love you little Miles. Keep impressing daddy and I.