the hunt

by destinyflores

Just a little bit over a week left before the long journey back to America, California, Santa Barbara, home, work, school, reality, and best of all ROUTINE. Marcus & I obviously have mixed feelings about leaving. We are both super excited to finally start our lives as 3 since the last time we were in SB all together things were just temporary since we were moving to Sweden this summer. Anyways I am on the hunt for a job, either my old one or a new one. I have had a couple email, phone, skype interviews and discussions and I thought I had found a ”dream job” but turns out it was only part time (20 hours) a week. Though the pay was niceand the position was totally something I was looking for I would rather get my old job back & move up a level to get paid the same with more hours, and work somewhere familiar and family safe… having Miles makes things a bit more complicated as we need to find an affordable, loving and safe daycare for him for a couple days a week. 


He has been with us since day 1 and both Marcus and I were blessed with the Swedish government and me working for a school to have so much time to bond with the little guy. Marcus will cram all his classes into two days again this semester to get Swedish paternity money on his days off & be able to stay at home with Miles to avoid the costs of day care. It will be a nice transition for all of us, not easy, but nice. I will start pumping like a maniac throughout the days to keep up with Miles while we are apart and for once be able to wake up in the mornings all together and start the day!


I can not wait to go back to work and have something to do again, though I love being a mommy, a stay at home mom is not the life for me. I spent too much time shopping, eating out, hanging out with friends, and drinking wine and coffee but of course I spent tons of time with Miles and breastfed exclusively up until recently when it became a morning, afternoon, bedtime thing along with solids. 


ok I am babbling… well we are now deciding between jobs and apartments and it’s turning out to be extremely difficult to find a place, as almost everything is taken or applied for by people who qualify more than us :/ looks like we might have to grab somethign temporarily while we find something more permanent perhaps after we pay off some bills and get settled and realize what we can actually afford after my checks start coming in and daycare takes it portion. 


adult life…