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swimming & sangria


Today was the hottest day so far. 90+ f (34c)! In April! I know they say Santa Barbara is one of the sunniest towns to live in with an average of 300 days of sun but HOT DAMN!!

I would much rather a climate that changes with the seasons and stays accurate. The unfortunate thing about SB is you wake up and it can be almost freezing, with dense fog and sometime even frost on your window or what looks like rain clouds… so you put on pants, boots and maybe a nice knitted sweater or beanie only to realize by lunch your stripping off your clothes and walking around barefoot to avoid putting your hot knee high boots on.

Having a baby in Santa Barbara just adds to the chaos and constant question of WHAT TO WEAR? I have learned my lesson now with Miles and since his body temperature runs pretty high and he seems to sweat easily I dress him in thin pants and a short sleeve with a spare sweater in my bag. 🙂

Today we hit the pool and Miles loved every minute of it. He is such a water baby and is starting to love nothing more than to be almost completely submersed with just his eyes, nose and mouth rising above water.. even in his bath. He sinks himself all the way down and blows raspberries… so cute.

After some pizza and a pool session I headed home to start my white and red sangria for my little girls night I am hosting tomorrow.
Oh ps… I started selling jewelry for a company called Lia Sophia as a part time gig… kinda like pampered chef, AVON, Mary Kay.. but cute fun chunky jewelry that I actually like and get to keep for myself.. anyways …

tomorrow is my first party which I have to host and have a jewelry advisor come and present the jewelry at. After this I am the presenter & I already have 3 parties booked before we leave for Sweden! The good thing about this is I can travel with it all across the US & even have skype parties in Sweden if I wanted to!

Time for some tortilla soup ( not the best choice when it’s hot out but I just craved it ((breastfeeding probz))

sangria recipe coming…


Beach escape….


Sorry for my slow updating. It’s been so hot these last few days so we’ve been either hiding at the beach or visiting friends with air conditioning 😉 this morning Marcus went to the gym while I had a work meeting and took Miles along. We quickly came home for lunch and got ready to hit the beach before we go swimming in a friends pool later!

The countdown begins till May 23rd and I just want to spend my time working or enjoying this California heat and actually being able to swim in the ocean since Swedens water isn’t as warm as here.

How do you spend your hot days?


tripod stance


This little man is starting to want to do everything but lay down these days! He hasnt quite rolled over but rolls almost his whole body besides his face and turns both ways grabbing whatever is near his side. He is arching his back to get out of everything from his swing to his play gym and even arches when we hold him. He is starting to try and sit up but still places his hands on the ground in front of him in thr tripod position which is adorable and even started ocking his knees and wanting to stand with our help….

its all happening so fast!

Ps sorry for my lack of punctuaction and apostrophes … my keyboard changed to Swedish so it isnt auto correcting and all the buttons have moved to different places…ugh



Morning love

Thanks to one of my readers for pointing out a blog error yesterday. Apparently all the links I posted to the items on my wishlist went straight to Etsy… whoops. Problem fixed 🙂

Miles & I slept in as much as possible this morning after taking Marcus to school. Tuesdays & Thursdays Marcus has school from 8-5pm and in the morning he takes Miles out to the living room to play in his gym or bouncy chair while Marcus gets ready and has breakfast… this gives me a good hour of sleep before I wake to take Marcus and take over with Miles.

After coming home to eat some oatmeal with fruit and drink my coffee Miles and I went straight down for a nap together. We slept for almost an hour and a half and it was amazing. Last night Miles woke up around 11:30pm too stuffed up to sleep and could hardly breathe through his nose 😦 After some saline drops and spooning with mommy he fell back asleep and went back into his bed till around 5 a.m.

We are both at home today getting over our colds and getting things together to leave for LA tomorrow to visit my parents for the weekend.

puss puss xo



Miles has typically always been a sleeper. (Always being after the first month, since the first month is crazy for everyone).
The first month he of course slept almost 20 hours per day and I thought I must have the “easiest” baby and wondered why anyone ever thought having a newborn meant less sleep…. well… then nighttime came and since I was breastfeeding and Miles or I hadn’t quite learned how to side feed (feeding lying down) I had to sit up with the boppy support pillow almost every hour-hour and a half to try and feed and calm him back to sleep.

So after the first month of figuring him out we started to get into a routine. I am HUGE on routines. I think everyone would do so much better in life no matter what age if we had some sort of routine. I have worked with special ed for going on 7 years and EVERY single one of my students has been on a strict routine from the second they enter the classroom. It helps not only them but the teachers, aides and even parents at home. I have seen some pretty remarkable things happen to kids once they get into a routine at home or school and I have also seen it come crashing down when things like “spring break” or “late start Thursdays” come into play.

Anyways so after reading the benefits routines have with babies in almost every baby book I decided what ours would be. As a breastfeeding mom I find any way I can for Marcus and Miles to bond and have their time together. I do not believe a child needs one parent over the other and I want Miles to have the best possible relationship with Marcus and that starts now.

Marcus has been in charge of bath time since Miles very first bath and since it’s Miles favorite activity he can relate “enjoyment and pleasure” to being with daddy! Genius 🙂 after bath either Marcus or myself get Miles into his pajamas and give him a little lavender massage… I then nurse Miles till he’s almost asleep and transfer him into his bed. He stays in his bed which is a co-sleeper and attached to the side of our bed (we live in a one bedroom currently) till he wakes around 3-4 am which obviously hasn’t always been .

He did go through phases and growth spurts where he would wake more often but has typically only woke 1-3 times/night!

Now since I have started to work more often and Marcus is struggling with getting Miles down at night we are switching things up…

I am now doing his last feeding right before bath time. Marcus still does bath time and I take over for a cozy massage, lullaby and then lay him in his bed while I sit next to him patting or holding my hand on him with his pacifier as he drifts off. I will slowly start to minimize the amount of soothing I do and leave it up to him as time goes by. So far so good ! Tonight was amazing and he went down instantly 🙂

any tips? comments? let me know! mom2mom


A visit from Dimitri

Our little family had a visitor in town this week ! Dimitri is a friend of ours from Paris who has been studying abroad in NYC and came to visit California and his favorite baby Miles. After spoiling him with gifts we went out for lunch. We promised Dimitri’s parents they would be allowed to babysit Miles this summer when we visit!

Paris here we come 🙂





For those of you who are mommies and even for those of you who are over worked, tired, or have a life filled with anxiety or even depression sex seems like the LAST thing on your mind.

Unfortunately these days sex is everywhere and constantly craved and desired by millions. For me being a mom means working 24 hours a day on top of my already job that doesn’t involve taking care of Miles.. I am exhausted at the end of the day, sometimes so much that I decide to go to bed when Miles does around 8:00pm. This unfortunately leaves no time for Marcus and I to just spend time with eachother and rarely do we get the chance to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner without Miles needing to be picked up, changed, fed.

Though life is getting easier and we are figuring things out and making more time for eachother there are still dinners missed, early bedtimes and sometimes a whole day goes by without saying “i love you” or even getting a kiss hello … this is life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I do find myself wondering if I am alone in this “lack of desire for sex” (sorry mom & dad TMI)

I came across a post from one of my favorite bloggers titled “Heartbreak or Hormones” and she couldn’t have stated it better!
She talks about everything from reasons behind this lack of desire to ways to “bring it back”.

Read here

I am working on a few things in my life these days:
in my further posts I will keep you updated on how things are going!

Any mammas relate out there?

A: better my body which leads to a better self esteem
B: clear my head and slow down
C: focus on my relationship with Marcus
D: Give Miles more “unsupervised” time with Marcus

Gifts from Paris


A good friend of mine is visiting from Paris this week and he came bearing gifts for Miles 🙂

A Paris Saint Germain team onesie along with an adorable nautical onesie from Winter Water Factory

Merci !


DMV troubles



At the DMV now trying to rush order a duplicate drivers license since I lost mine. Figured I should get it so I’m not running around with my passport anymore… Especially while we travel. Unfortunately even when you make an appointment you still have to wait…

Miles hates sitting still so entertaining him in his car seat/stroller hasn’t been easy & since he just ate he decided he would projectile vomit all over the dmv floor and lady next to us. Perfect.

We ran late coming here to begin with because he decided he wanted to do the longest feeding of his life from both sides. Since he’s battling a cold I gave in and let him feed for almost 35 minutes. We ran out the door at 1:37 for my appointment at 1:40. I have never attached his car seat to the stroller as fast as I did today.

And what for? Just to wait anyways for my “appointment”

Little babe…


I’ve got a little man with a cold here today :/ Miles hasn’t been sick once since he was born and this morning he woke up with the cutest little cough and sneeze along with a runny congested nose :/ time for some Vicks and pajamas. Another Tuesday in bed? My pleasure :):)

Unfortunately I work tonight so Marcus will have to get him to bed again …. Poor little babe.

Any home remedies you know of for a 5 month old?