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august, 22

So we finally booked our tickets home. It feels sometimes like we have been away from home for years and other times we look back and it all went by so fast. Most of the summer has been spent with friends and family while some of it has of course been spent stressing out about what’s to come when we move back. We have a lot of discussing to do still when it comes to what we can afford, what bills we will aim to pay off first and how much we can try and save each month. Though we dreamed of renting a two bedroom this time around it looks like a one bedroom will have to do. 


Miles is still so young and has no real need for his OWN room besides me and Marcus getting our bed and lives together back but that can wait… I would love to get all of our debt paid off and find the perfect apartment together for a future move in. 


anyways Miles has been demolishing EVERYTHING in sight lately and loves everything he has tried so far, fruits, veggies, chicken, pasta (he just isn’t too into ground beef). He eats purees every now and then when he either can’t eat what we are aka American pancakes and bacon for breakfast or when we are out and eating fast food or don’t have time to pack something for him. I can’t wait to get back and in the kitchen whipping up some tasty baby meals we can all enjoy!


He is still scooting around on the floor and rolling from one end of the house to the other and the change in poop from baby breastfed soup like poop to big boy poop took us all by surprise and has become his new favorite thing to do. Poor little guy had a nasty rash this weekend and wouldn’t stop crying everytime he farted or pooped, heartbreaking….thanks to a little butt paste it was fixed 🙂

I am still trying to figure it all out considering he poops a few times a day now vs. when he used to only poop one big blow out a day… more diapers for us to buy and change… wahhhh


so we only have about 12 days left and this weekend we spent it at Marcus’ sister beautiful cozy wedding and my friend Cecilia’s crayfish party for her 25th birthday. After a two day hangover I finally rose from the dead and I’ve decided to meet Sofia, Madelene & Julia for a swim and lunch with Miles. I have to pack in as many visits with friends and Marcus’ family as possible now since it’ll probably be another year till I see alot of them… boo 


post coming soon on my favorite blogs I’m reading lately. I promise a new blog design and more effort, links, tags, etc. put into my posts when I get back home.!















& then it happened

Something magical happened around the time Miles turned 8 months old. I’ve been trying to get Miles used to falling asleep or taking a bottle from Marcus or anyone else beside me.

Out of no where he started enjoying bottles as long as they were warm and he drank them either being held on our hip or in his car seat or stroller. He also started falling asleep without me or nursing. We started with giving a bottle a day at random times to get him used to it. I was around during the bottle feeding so he didn’t think the bottle meant no mommy.

Marcus can now bottle feed and put him to sleep. Suchhhhhh a relief for me. He just goes and lays down for a few minutes and pats his butt and that’s it…. Amazing.

I honestly have no tip or idea as to how this happened. I swear he just grew out of it and having a bottle of breast milk every now and then got him used to relying on others just as much as mommy.

Anyways so I took advantage of this and went out for dinner and wine with friends last night & usually I get a chaotic snap chat or update from the madness back home and I rush home or Miles ends up crying himself to sleep. This time he drank his bottle, watched TV with daddy & grandpa then fell asleep cuddling with daddy in bed. Not a single whine or issue. Love love love it.

Just in time for a big party Marcus and I are going to this Saturday as we may or May not be the ones putting him to sleep.
Love a well rested mommy







Worst day so far

So the day started with Marcus & I arguing over who wakes up early with Miles more often and who deserves to sleep in. Seems to be the argument of the year lately…. We both are so tired in the mornings and still for some reason can’t agree on a system for waking up with the little man at 630/7 am. Anyways…

After some coffee and breakfast we got over it.

Today was supposed to be record breaking in the heat department so we decided on swimming. Arguing over a pool or beach swim we decided on a local beach. After that we argued on what to have for lunch resulting in an angry trip to the grocery store just to argue over what kind of meat to BBQ.

Anyways we made it to the beach. It was beyond crowded and with only a small bit of shade left for us we unpacked. Miles played on the picnic blanket as Marcus opened the one time grill from it’s packaging.

Since miles grabs EVERYTHING these days he grabbed the grill (not lit of course) as I was changing him and in order to avoid poop everywhere I yanked his hand away not realizing he was holding the grill.

Ok so he sliced his finger open a little and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I panicked. Cried. Yelled. We got in the car and headed to the ER to have it looked at. It was bleeding quite a bit considering his size and after a 2 hour wait it stopped and didn’t at all look bad. Miles was happy and himself the whole time and even using his hand to grab everything around him… We figured we would see the dr since we already made the co payment and didn’t want to look like bad parents leaving an ER waiting room.

The Dr called us in and literally 2 min later we were sent home with a band aid. Ughhhhh by the way our BBQ uncooked food sat in the car and we had to pay an arm and a leg for parking.

Well… First scare at the ER so far and I must say better safe than sorry. We did realize however we need to slow down and focus more and stop letting our frustrations get the best of us.

Love. One tired mommy





Miles’ necklace

For those of you wondering why Miles is always wearing a necklace.
1. It’s not for looks
2. It’s an amber stone necklace
3. It’s made for babies aka choke proof, each bead is knotted individually & the clasp will break if pulled
4. It’s not for him to teeth on or bite. It releases a healing analgesic when warmed by the skin aka an alternative healing to over the counter medicine

For more info check this page out. You can order them through tons of vendors on etsy. Just make sure it’s raw amber 🙂

We’ve had luck. I think. Miles has been a pretty easy baby and though he has his whining moments and still hasn’t actually gotten a tooth he’s for the most part always happy and sleeps through the night. It’s worth a shot getting one of these necklaces and if your worried about baby wearing it, we take his off when he sleeps and put it around his ankle with a sick over it!





8 months and counting

Baby boy please stop growing up so fast. My little man is 8 months old today and it still feels like just yesterday I was losing sleep at night because he wouldn’t stop kicking and flipping around in my tummy when now I lose sleep because he kicks and flips around in bed.

He’s rolling, sitting, standing, babbling, eating solids, laughing and turning into quite the charmer. As he lays next to me on the floor rolling around and banging his toy hammer on the walls I can’t help but want time to stand still. Even though he makes me wanna rip my hair out sometimes, I’m head over heels in love. Marcus and I have so much fun with him already and it’s all just beginning.
Even though I want him to remain this small and cuddly forever I can’t wait to hear the cute comments he makes and answer all his silly questions. We love you baby Miles and will continue to love you forever and ever …

Today we spent the afternoon in Hagaparken with Marcus’ oldest sister enjoying a picnic in the sun and them headed home for some grocery shopping and dinner with his dad.

Miles is up pretty late tonight since he took a nap from 6-7 but hey it’s kinda like his birthday right ?

Now for some wine for daddy & I to celebrate ourselves making it this far not only in one country but two and with tons of drama and moving in between. It’s not easy being an international couple but when you really love someone you make it work….

Love you daddy M ❤️