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My new love


Ok so the teething toy I mentioned is by a company called Zoli and it’s an all natural product. I have been telling Marcus how bad I wish there was something soft and rubbery that Miles could hold and chew on besides my finger. He has tons of toys and their either too hard, get too cold, too fuzzy, too soft or have too many sharp edges. Finally today while buying a last minute emergency pacifier this woman went on and on about how I HAD TO TRY THESE teething sticks. So I bought it and handed one to Miles.

Let’s just say he hasn’t let go!
Their gag proof and have a little shield that prevents them from sticking it too far into their mouth and it’s like a rubber honey comb textured piece on the end that can reach their molars and front teeth for chewing and gnawing on.

Their amazing! I haven’t seen ANYTHING that works as good or is as simple as these

Must try! I’m looking into their other products now so more reviews to come 🙂 it comes in a two pack. I’m hoping I don’t lose them & I wonder of they exist in Sweden?



Summerland and pacifiers


My good friend Charlotte is in town from Norway and what better time to visit Santa Barbara than when it’s a scorching 96 degrees. So we hit the beach. It’s been miles and my hangout/hideaway for the past couple weeks.

I found myself spending too much money just walking around downtown either shopping or eating so the beach is far away enough and just as entertaining for both of us 🙂 after lunch at my favorite beachside grill we had coffee at cafe Luna in summerland then laid on the beach for a bit more as the crowds of people rolled in, all obviously escaping their hot houses since SB doesn’t believe in AC. I fell in love with a green tea smoothie today, that or I was just miserably hot and low on energy. Miles was the worlds cutest and best baby today, I mean he always is but today was exceptional. Also must be the heat 😉

We had a pacifier crisis when I lost his pacifier (forgot it at home) and after he nursed he naturally wanted to take his nap which means pacifier in mouth, favorite blanket and left alone. Well….. The pacifier was no where to be found as were at the burger joint so I unscrew an Avent bottle and used the lid (almost worked). He realized and started crying. I nursed him totally to sleep as I stared at my food getting cold and laid him in his stroller (success). Then as we got into the car later to head back to town he wanted his pacifier since that’s his “car thing” and that’s where I had no other option. I dug around my car and found a dirty old soothie pacifier meant for newborn ages and he rejected it the whole way to a nearby baby boutique and as I ran in to buy a pacifier he passed out with the soothie and my friend Andrea holding his hand.

$13 later and an organic expensive intense pacifier things were good. Oh ya and I got suckered into buying some teething toy for another $10. (I love it though and I’ll post about it later)

Regardless of this incident the day was amazing and filled with sun, friends, green tea smoothies and expensive pacifiers.

Stay cool 🙂





After breakfast we hit the beach & soaked up some sun for a few hours. Miles loves being at the park or beach and could sit all day under an umbrella just watching the clouds pass by or the waves hit the shore. He even decided to take a nap on the towel today while listening to some reggae 🙂 so cute 🙂 Today we practiced a lot of sitting up, he sits for longer in the tri-pod position but actually lifted both hands and balanced for a few seconds at a time today. Once he realized he can sit and play with toys he started showing more interest.

He is also OBSESSED with water. I know he shouldn’t have too much since it’s empty calories but the second I start drinking from a glass or water bottle he smacks his lips and reaches for it. soooo cute & I just put the glass or water bottle right up to his lip and he takes a sip or two.

Anyone else with a 5.5 month old feeding purees or giving sips of water?








So it didn’t hit me until this afternoon that in less than 3 weeks we (as a little family) would be getting on a plane at LAX with tons of bags, car seat, and stroller…oh ya and a 6 month old and voyaging off to Sweden on a 10.5 hour flight. I have pretty much prepared myself for the flight part and think with super daddy Marcus we should be fine. I forgot however that we would be traveling through time as well… Sweden is 9 hours ahead of us :/ This not only is a pain in the ass for me to get used to but I am dreading the affect it could possibly have on my perfect sleeper of a 5 month old 😦 wahhhhhh

I started reading a couple forums tonight and found nothing but horror stories of people saying their child went from sleeping through the whole night to waking every 1-3 hours and crying and wanting to wake at 4-5 am and this NEVER going away even once they got back to their homeland! Luckily we are going to be there for close to 2.5 months which means we have time to get used to the time difference and accept it then come back here again and not leave for awhile. Any tips? I have read some people start pushing bed time and changing babies schedule to the time zone appropriate for where they are going a week or so before departure. It seems silly to try and do that considering it’s such a big time difference. Something tells me that since he’s still young and naps throughout the day and seriously almost sleeps through the whole night that this won’t be that difficult if we just let him nap as he pleases and keep him up for the last 3 hours or so before bed time… thoughts?

-desperate mommy


5 months


Oh ya! Miles turned 5 months old yesterday! What better gift than his passport finally coming in the mail 🙂

Cutest baby passport I have EVER seen ! I can’t believe he will have it till he’s 5 and hopefully fill it with stamps by then… if were lucky.
So far at 5 months this is Miles:

1. smiles and laughs at EVERYTHING
2. loves being scared and surprised by daddy
3. kicks his legs like a maniac & is only happy when kicking (like daddy)
4. Can grab at things accurately
5. Chews on everything
6. has tasted strawberries, greek yogurt and banana
7. can hold his breath underwater & loves swim lessons
8. can turn onto his side from his back but not to his tummy yet
9. Can turn from tummy to back
10. Sleeps from 7:30pm-3am (wakes to eat then sleeps till 6/7am)
11. loves his bath (we removed the newborn seat)
12. Can sit in a tri pod position from almost a min. before tipping 😉

anything i’ve missed I am sure you’ll hear about in the next few posts ❤

Happy 5 months little man… you'r the light of my life and the reason for every decision I make for the rest of my life


You know your a nursing mom when…

This is how I wake up and sleep through most of the night. Camis and wife beater tank tops are a way of life for me since having Miles.


thought of the day: traveling with baby

Our little family leaves for Stockholm, Sweden in just about 3 weeks and there is still so much to do! Besides moving out of this place and packing EVERYTHING into a storage we need to decide on what to bring for not only ourselves but the little man!

Norwegian Airlines allows us each 50lbs of luggage (25kg) and a carry on & diaper bag. Miles gets 10lbs (5kg) and it could be packed into our suitcases or carried separately.We are most likely going to pack the extra 5kg into our suitcases to avoid the chaos of too many bags. We are also allowed his car seat & stroller. Not sure if we need the car seat since one of his sisters might still have hers from her little guy we could use from the summer.

I have stalked the internet for tips on traveling with a 6 month old and just about read everything there is… I think.

Tips I’ve read are but not limited to:
1. breastfeed/bottle feed when taking off to equalize baby’s ears
2. Pack double the amount of diapers/wipes/bottles you usually need for that period of time in case of delay or an extra cranky/poopy/hungry babe
3. carry baby in a front carrier through security
4. Take car seat onto plane in case of being placed next to an empty seat? (tips on this?)
5. pack a new exciting toy baby has never seen or discovered
6. load stroller onto x-ray belt first, luggage last so baby gets strapped in before unloading everything
7. call airline ahead of time to request any empty seats if plane isn’t filled
8. Sit in front of plane away from noisy restrooms, other children, and kitchen staff so baby doesn’t wake from noise
9. Keep baby on “home” time throughout plane ride (we are taking off at 6:30pm which means feed baby and lay him down to sleep) Hoping he only wakes once through the night to feed :/ I am hoping they don’t turn on the lights when we reach Sweden’s time zone and it’s morning ….

any tips anyone has please pass them along… we also requested the flight have a bassinet that attaches to the front of our seat for Miles to sleep in. This is a 10.5 hour flight…. DIRECT! Thank god

happy travels


tripod stance


This little man is starting to want to do everything but lay down these days! He hasnt quite rolled over but rolls almost his whole body besides his face and turns both ways grabbing whatever is near his side. He is arching his back to get out of everything from his swing to his play gym and even arches when we hold him. He is starting to try and sit up but still places his hands on the ground in front of him in thr tripod position which is adorable and even started ocking his knees and wanting to stand with our help….

its all happening so fast!

Ps sorry for my lack of punctuaction and apostrophes … my keyboard changed to Swedish so it isnt auto correcting and all the buttons have moved to different places…ugh



Baby filled Saturday


Skipped my work conference this morning after waking up more congested and realizing I had also forgotten the power plug to my pump. Aka no milk stored for miles so I can be away for a few hours. I managed to hand pump a bottle and a half but still seemed like more of a hassle. Especially when I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. So I went to brunch with my parents and Miles and when we came back Marcus played golf with my dad and sisters boyfriend and I went on a mommy date with my two friends. Libby who has a 7 month old babe named Knox, Justine who has an 11 month old names Jax and my sweet baby Miles 🙂 we laid at the park sharing experiences and staring at each others babies. It was a perfect afternoon 🙂

I went afterwards to visit a best friend of mine Gary, who passed away 7 years ago, his family. They were so excited to see miles and hear all about what I’ve been up to. After that I brought the most tired baby home who passed out immediately and I went over to my friend Lalanis for a movie night.

She surprised me with a wine bottle covered in a label asking me to be her bridesmaid for her wedding next April. Mmmmmmm duh!!!! I couldn’t be more excited. My first wedding and I’m in it! Now I get to dress shop and help plan the best bachelorette party. Lalani and I have known each other since little league basketball when we were 10 and she thought I was loud and obnoxious which I was 😉 it was love at first sight. From then on we both talk when we can and keep in touch and every time we hang out it feels like no time has passed.

I couldn’t be happier for her or more excited for myself!!!

Time for bed now because tomorrow is my sisters birthday luncheon.





Morning love

Thanks to one of my readers for pointing out a blog error yesterday. Apparently all the links I posted to the items on my wishlist went straight to Etsy… whoops. Problem fixed 🙂

Miles & I slept in as much as possible this morning after taking Marcus to school. Tuesdays & Thursdays Marcus has school from 8-5pm and in the morning he takes Miles out to the living room to play in his gym or bouncy chair while Marcus gets ready and has breakfast… this gives me a good hour of sleep before I wake to take Marcus and take over with Miles.

After coming home to eat some oatmeal with fruit and drink my coffee Miles and I went straight down for a nap together. We slept for almost an hour and a half and it was amazing. Last night Miles woke up around 11:30pm too stuffed up to sleep and could hardly breathe through his nose 😦 After some saline drops and spooning with mommy he fell back asleep and went back into his bed till around 5 a.m.

We are both at home today getting over our colds and getting things together to leave for LA tomorrow to visit my parents for the weekend.

puss puss xo