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real talk

This post may or may not be interesting to those of you without a baby but I thought I would share the habits and routines we have here at ”home”. (note: these will all dramatically change once we travel through time -9 hours when we fly back to Cali)

So once Miles was about 3/4 months he started sleeping through the night or waking once to nurse at the most around 2/3am. He went to bed by 730 and woke up around 7/8. Like I’ve mentioned 3289723 times he didn’t handle the jet lag too well and luckily since he’s still young we flipped the routine pretty easily and the last month he has been sleeping fine. His naps are regulated to about once around 930am, once around 1pm and a late afternoon nap around 4/5pm. He has now stretched his bedtime to about 830/9 which is fine since the sun doesn’t set till around 11pm anyways here during the summer.

The only issue we have had since coming here is that he wants to either spoon with me till he falls asleep or nurse till he’s just about passed out and I sneak in a pacifier. I love this more than anything but it makes it difficult for me to leave ever for any reason. If Marcus or anyone else lays with him he just about screams and cries himself to sleep, which I hate & don’t feel is necessary for a baby his age. I have had to pass on plenty of dinner invites, parties that start earlier than 930pm or drinking wine before he’s asleep. (ok that made me sound like an alchy but you know what I mean ;)) So after racking my brain coming up with different ideas I have decided to start bottle feeding more often than I have been… which has been maybe 3 times since we have been here. I have been with Miles all day every day for the most part or only gone a couple hours and back in time for a feeding. Miles will drink a bottle if he absolutely HAS to and the only bottles we have ever tried, bought or used are Avent, and he’s still using the newborn nipple since he basically drowns with any other level ones.

Ok… so what’s the problem? The problem is he puts up a horrible fight over drinking from a bottle and even after it’s done he tantrums and acts like a maniac because it wasn’t as satisfying as mamma. Which means when I do drink, he will eat and take a bottle but he’s miserable and crying anyways .

new plan: before this post gets any longer I have started bottle feeding and taking turns doing it with Marcus while I am around so he doesn’t think boobies are the only way he can eat. I also don’t want him to relate a bottle to ONLY Marcus and me being gone. Yesterday he took a bottle without a fight and passed out while drinking in his stroller while we were out shopping. Tonight was a little harder but I ended up holding him on my side hip and Marcus & I took turns feeding him while I stood and watched and comforted with just my voice.

I was thrilled to see this work 😀
After his bottle we played a bit and I went into the room, laid him in his bed and he fell asleep without me laying next to him . Maybe today was a lucky day but I am now going to bottle feed before bed so he 1. Gets a full belly 2. Gets used to the idea of me not ALWAYS being there 3. I don’t have to be the only one doing bedtime

ps when I say he has a bottle I mean it’s filled with breastmilkk. I plan on breastfeeding till he’s 1 at least but would like to introduce more foods in the meantime so it’s not his only source of nutrition and other people can have fun feeding too 😀 Is it just me or do any of you mammas get super excited when something works.. I felt really proud tonight of both me and Marcus and somedays when we feel like we’re totally failing I will remember a moment like tonight when we put our brains together and re trained our little man.

My goal: Miles to be comfortable drinking from a bottle from anyone if need be & for him to be able to be laid in his crib/bed/our bed when it’s time and fall asleep with his pacifier and lovie.

ps: we have stopped co sleeping as the bed situation we have now isn’t big enough or safe enough for Miles & he has been sleeping in another room because it’s darker and less noisy since we watch TV, and stay up late. The last 4 nights he hasn’t woke up once from 8/9pm-6am! I have woken up engorged and panicking that something has happened to him and begged Marcus to go check because I couldn’t handle… he has just been sound asleep. I am so proud of him but my swollen boobs are taking the toll. I have been pumping like crazy both for a back up supply and to keep producing!

hope this helps any other struggling mommies out there.
ps: as for getting him to take the bottle. It has helped when we give it to him before we think he will start fussing and sometimes we place it next to him laying down and he plays with it for a bit and feeds himself. We try not to make it a big deal, hold him when he’s eating (unless it’s in an upright position) and we keep it stress free and relaxed. This kid really feeds off our emotions and does so much better when things are ”chill”



baby led weaning cont..

Miles is loving our new baby led weaning method . I am basically giving him whatever I can (that’s safe) and if he likes it great, if not we move on to something else. So far he loves cucumber sticks, strawberries, apples, crackers, pear.

Cucumber is a favorite by far & it must be because of it’s tough skin that feels amazing on his gums and the watery juice that falls from the inside. Strawberries & apple are probably his favorite combo 🙂

I am so excited things are finally working out, I thought I would have to breastfeed him forever :p tomorrow I plan on trying a little chicken or white fish… any tips on baby led friendly foods? I am in no rush to replace breastfeeding but it’s nice to give him something to stay busy with while mommy and daddy eat & give him the chance to explore new and exciting tastes and textures.





Must Share!

I have to share the simple recipe for an amazing salad I had the other day at Fanny’s house:

spinach (spenat)
wheat berries (matvete cooked in veg. buljong)
cauliflower (baked) blomkol
zucchini (baked)
sea salt to taste

side of red beets (rodbetor) (cooked) topped with goat cheese (chevre) baked in the oven till cheese melts on beets



Miles has started to eat puréed foods over the last few days. Being a blog reader myself I’ve heard many good things about a brand here in Sweden called Ella’s Kitchen. It’s an organic Eco friendly baby food company that makes tasty squeeze packets of puréed foods for babies. I started with the most basic breakfast one which was a combination of rice, yogurt and banana. He has had small tastes of Greek yogurt, banana, strawberry and avocado back home but never more than a few spoonfuls.

I know many people want to push babies into eating foods as soon as possible ( my mom being one of them) but for me there is no rush. Everyone does things differently and that’s the beauty with raising your own baby. My mom and I go head to head over almost everything I decide to do with miles and it’s very hard for her to let me control things for once…. Anyways. That’s a whole different issue.

Miles enjoys breastfeeding, I enjoy breastfeeding, he’s gaining accordingly, it’s cheap, it’s convenient and it works for soothing almost anything. The best part is I don’t have to wake up and make bottles …. Nothing against formula fed babies. Everyone has their own life and decision to make and I totally respect it. Someday when Miles has his own kids I’ll have to understand he and his wife will do as they wish. That’s just how it is 😉 I personally just love breastfeeding and so does Miles.

well anyways. I’ve decided to take a more baby lead weaning approach in which I let Miles do the leading. I slowly introduce foods as they come and there’s no pressure. Lately he’s been showing a lot of interest in our foods and what were eating so depending what it is, usually fruits or veggies I’ll give him a smashed up taste.

So we have no started puréed foods for breakfast along with breastfeeding and I don’t plan on doing anymore than that just yet. Mainly because I know it’ll just add more to my plate. I’m also bummed I can’t make my own here without my nutribullet or blender but when I get back home… It’s on!







After breakfast we hit the beach & soaked up some sun for a few hours. Miles loves being at the park or beach and could sit all day under an umbrella just watching the clouds pass by or the waves hit the shore. He even decided to take a nap on the towel today while listening to some reggae 🙂 so cute 🙂 Today we practiced a lot of sitting up, he sits for longer in the tri-pod position but actually lifted both hands and balanced for a few seconds at a time today. Once he realized he can sit and play with toys he started showing more interest.

He is also OBSESSED with water. I know he shouldn’t have too much since it’s empty calories but the second I start drinking from a glass or water bottle he smacks his lips and reaches for it. soooo cute & I just put the glass or water bottle right up to his lip and he takes a sip or two.

Anyone else with a 5.5 month old feeding purees or giving sips of water?







Breakfast with my babes


The one thing I try to do every weekend is make a nice breakfast for Marcus & I. Miles sits with us but of course sticks to breast milk 😉

Today we made hash browns, pancakes & turkey bacon with some orange juice and coffee of course. Ohh ya…. this morning I tried puree-ing some rolled oats oatmeal from TJ’s for Miles with a splash of breast milk. I might’ve pureed it a little too much because it ended up looking like an oatmeal smoothie, either way, Miles didn’t care too much for it so I think we will stick to breast milk for awhile. Fine by me 🙂 cheaper & less of a mess. I can’t wait however to start making tasty fruit and veggie purees though at home and get creative with it all!





cold treats for everyone!


Since it’s been pretty warm lately our little family decided to walk over to the Santa Barbara Public Market (my new favorite place) and get some fresh Rori’s ice cream… We discovered a new favorite flavor (malted milk ball) OMH *heaven in my mouth.

After ice cream and a little walk around town we headed home and Miles got to chew on his favorite, a frozen strawberry in his teething toy (has a little net bag that holds frozen treats for sucking and gnawing on ((great for teething). After a story with dad it was time for bed & I had a work meeting and stayed up late planning for my BIG jewelry party this weekend. it’ll be my first jewelry party where I am selling and I can’t wait. I’ve been practicing my presentation, getting to know the jewelry and just brushing up on sales tips with my advisor.

How was your day ?





TONE IT UP… sort’ve


So a friend of mine sent me the “Tone It Up” handbook by the Tone it Up girls Karena & Katrina. After turning pages and flipping through the book I pulled out what I felt I could accomplish. They have awesome tips on toning it up, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle in general. I love reading, cooking and sometimes working out so I found their book super helpful!

I pulled tons of recipes and work out routines that I hope to incorporate into my daily schedule before leaving for Sweden. I also found tons of juice and smoothie recipes which I am a HUGE fan of ….

Check it out or follow my blog for more!
They also have a 7 day slim down that a friend of mine is doing. I might try it the 7 days before Sweden if things don’t get too hectic with moving and all. I find it hard to meal prep when you have a baby and a boyfriend to coordinate with :/

Also starting tomorrow morning I am getting back into my apple cider vinegar shots! I forgot my huge bottle of Braggs ACV at my old apartment so once I get it back IT’S ON! I swear by this stuff & I noticed the tone it up girls do to. They have an awesome recipe which includes cayenne pepper, lemon, hot water and ACV. yum 🙂

If you do try the ACV beware… it is HORRIBLE the first few times. I started with taking mine with water and honey in a small glass and just gulping it down but now I love it!
You can read about the benefits HERE

I even went to a lecture Mrs. Bragg hosted at a local university and LOVE everything she stands for. PS I have that big jug of ACV on their website… don’t judge.

Here are a few pages from the Tone it Up manual along with a shot recipe for ACV!



Starting to become a food blog


Ok so I realized today most of my posts have been about food instead of about being a mommy. I write about food and healthy alternatives because that’s what keeps me going as a mommy… especially while I’m breastfeeding. I wasn’t much of a cooker before I got pregnant and once the whole nesting thing took over and Miles came into this world I felt the urge to clean and cook constantly & keep the fridge stocked with healthy options.

I also threw up and HATED the sight, smell and taste of almost EVERYTHING when I was pregnant so now that I’m not and I’m burning close to 900 cal/day breastfeeding and pumping I crave food constantly! I am also a Trader Joes fanatic so almost everything I make can be found at their store…

so today I made turkey burgers and fries for lunch. Not too healthy but hey at least they were turkey and whole wheat buns 😉 tonight it’s chicken and stir fry veggies for dinner (sautéed in coconut oil instead of EVOO) I have a hard time cooking with coconut oil since I soaked my body in it from day 1 of pregnancy so the smell of it reminds me of that whole time period lol… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I mean hey! I didn’t get a single stretch mark!

Anyone out there have any trader joes recipes they wouldn’t mind sharing?



Couscous salad

1. Cook couscous accordingly
2. Add veggies (I used cucumber, bell peppers, tomato, red onion, spinach)
3. Feta cheese
4. Balsamic glaze
5. Olive oil

Toss & enjoy