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TONE IT UP… sort’ve


So a friend of mine sent me the “Tone It Up” handbook by the Tone it Up girls Karena & Katrina. After turning pages and flipping through the book I pulled out what I felt I could accomplish. They have awesome tips on toning it up, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle in general. I love reading, cooking and sometimes working out so I found their book super helpful!

I pulled tons of recipes and work out routines that I hope to incorporate into my daily schedule before leaving for Sweden. I also found tons of juice and smoothie recipes which I am a HUGE fan of ….

Check it out or follow my blog for more!
They also have a 7 day slim down that a friend of mine is doing. I might try it the 7 days before Sweden if things don’t get too hectic with moving and all. I find it hard to meal prep when you have a baby and a boyfriend to coordinate with :/

Also starting tomorrow morning I am getting back into my apple cider vinegar shots! I forgot my huge bottle of Braggs ACV at my old apartment so once I get it back IT’S ON! I swear by this stuff & I noticed the tone it up girls do to. They have an awesome recipe which includes cayenne pepper, lemon, hot water and ACV. yum 🙂

If you do try the ACV beware… it is HORRIBLE the first few times. I started with taking mine with water and honey in a small glass and just gulping it down but now I love it!
You can read about the benefits HERE

I even went to a lecture Mrs. Bragg hosted at a local university and LOVE everything she stands for. PS I have that big jug of ACV on their website… don’t judge.

Here are a few pages from the Tone it Up manual along with a shot recipe for ACV!



Starting to become a food blog


Ok so I realized today most of my posts have been about food instead of about being a mommy. I write about food and healthy alternatives because that’s what keeps me going as a mommy… especially while I’m breastfeeding. I wasn’t much of a cooker before I got pregnant and once the whole nesting thing took over and Miles came into this world I felt the urge to clean and cook constantly & keep the fridge stocked with healthy options.

I also threw up and HATED the sight, smell and taste of almost EVERYTHING when I was pregnant so now that I’m not and I’m burning close to 900 cal/day breastfeeding and pumping I crave food constantly! I am also a Trader Joes fanatic so almost everything I make can be found at their store…

so today I made turkey burgers and fries for lunch. Not too healthy but hey at least they were turkey and whole wheat buns 😉 tonight it’s chicken and stir fry veggies for dinner (sautéed in coconut oil instead of EVOO) I have a hard time cooking with coconut oil since I soaked my body in it from day 1 of pregnancy so the smell of it reminds me of that whole time period lol… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I mean hey! I didn’t get a single stretch mark!

Anyone out there have any trader joes recipes they wouldn’t mind sharing?