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& then it happened

Something magical happened around the time Miles turned 8 months old. I’ve been trying to get Miles used to falling asleep or taking a bottle from Marcus or anyone else beside me.

Out of no where he started enjoying bottles as long as they were warm and he drank them either being held on our hip or in his car seat or stroller. He also started falling asleep without me or nursing. We started with giving a bottle a day at random times to get him used to it. I was around during the bottle feeding so he didn’t think the bottle meant no mommy.

Marcus can now bottle feed and put him to sleep. Suchhhhhh a relief for me. He just goes and lays down for a few minutes and pats his butt and that’s it…. Amazing.

I honestly have no tip or idea as to how this happened. I swear he just grew out of it and having a bottle of breast milk every now and then got him used to relying on others just as much as mommy.

Anyways so I took advantage of this and went out for dinner and wine with friends last night & usually I get a chaotic snap chat or update from the madness back home and I rush home or Miles ends up crying himself to sleep. This time he drank his bottle, watched TV with daddy & grandpa then fell asleep cuddling with daddy in bed. Not a single whine or issue. Love love love it.

Just in time for a big party Marcus and I are going to this Saturday as we may or May not be the ones putting him to sleep.
Love a well rested mommy







Date night

Last night Marcus and I were invited to our friend Oscar’s for Marcus’ famous Parmesan cream lasagne. Basically an explosion of calories, cheese, carbs and all the other goodness that starts with C. After two slices, a glass of red and too much garlic bread we headed out.

The night was young (830) and Miles was tired. I got him to fall asleep with the help of the magical ergo and laid him in his stroller. Marcus and I randomly decided to bust open our sparkling rose we bought and sit ourselves across the way on a dock on a little island called Långholmen.

Långholmen is probably one of my top favorite places to be in Stockholm because of it’s charm & the fact that it is surrounded by my favorite little hipster part of town Södermalm. There was amazing music coming from the blues band across the water and a little family of ducklings kept us company.

Embarassing enough we forgot glasses so we drank from the bottle. Moments like these make it all the more memorable.

With miles fast asleep in the stroller we sat on the edge of the dock with our feet dangling above the water just soaking in one of the most perfect Swedish summer nights so far.

After half the bottle and a setting sun we headed for the subway. Marcus and I hardly get to enjoy ourselves like this since we usually head home for Miles bedtime but now that I see he can sleep perfectly in the stroller I think we owe ourselves a few more fun nights out!

Anyways my mommy brain is feeling it today and I’ve got a small headache…. Some coffee should fix that 😉 Miles woke up around 6/630 but after some playtime, breakfast and cartoons we both laid down for a nap and daddy left for football practice.
Plans for today? I’m thinking of taking the bus to the nearby public pool and swimming with Miles…

How does your Saturday look?















Best weekend in awhile…


I’ve been busy relaxing believe it or not which made for poor updating unfortunately. Marcus took it easy with Miles and I this weekend and I was off work which was even nicer!

Friday night Miles went to bed around 8:00pm and Marcus and I made a pile of nachos and watched a marathon of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” on Netflix. We called it a night around midnight and woke up Saturday bright and early and decided to go on a power walk to get coffee and check out the new Santa Barbara Public Market.

We got coffee at my favorite place The French Press and sat outside enjoying coffee and bagels while Miles slept in the stroller. After coffee we walked to the public market which just opened. It’s basically this prestigious organic, local indoor shop with a grocery store, fresh meats, cheeses, coffees, tea, a wine store and tons more. I fell in LOVE.

After walking around and wanting to buy EVERYTHING possible and harassing the butcher asking about where they get their meat and how it’s killed we headed home to get ready for Miles swim lesson at 11.

He did awesome at swimming and learned to “dive” in from the side and go under water (of course with Marcus help). After swimming which only lasts about 30min he is usually BEYOND tired and after a quick feeding sesh he passes out which left us time to run errands around town.

I harassed Trader Joes and bought almost EVERYTHING in sight and came home ready to make the best dinner in a while! Seared Ahi tuna wraps with steamed sticky rice.

1. sear ahi in pan for 1 min/side on medium heat
2. tear spears of romaine lettuce off of head for wrapping
3. steam rice to desired stickiness
4. I marinated my ahi after cooking in sesame oil, soy, cayenne pepper, mandarin, and garlic.
5. combine ahi and rice and wrap in lettuce

Enjoy 🙂 We enjoyed ours with a bottle of rose’ wine from Napa we had been saving. Waterstone Rose’ Cabernet Sauvignon Rose’ was the BEST so far.

We continued the night drinking wine and laughing with my cousin David who came over and Miles slept like a baby… Marcus and I decided to download chess on my ipad and played a few games and drank a few more then headed to bed around 1am!

Loving life right about now… now time for pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns 🙂 puss puss







30 days notice


Tomorrow I have to do the saddest thing I’ve had to do so far in Santa Barbara & give our 30 days notice for our apartment. We have only lived here since January and though I knew it would be a short term lease I loved every minute of it. After all it was our first home as a family. Since we are going to Sweden for the summer and couldn’t find a subleaser on time we have to give it up.

Renting in Santa Barbara is both hard to find and expensive so when you find a good deal on an awesome place it’s best to hold on to. We pay 1350$ for our one bedroom apartment downtown which is amazing! I love it here and all of our neighbors are great and the place is super fresh and clean.

We have NO IDEA yet what we are doing for the fall. It may sound crazy to everyone but we have plans A-F figured out.

My boyfriend as some of you may know has been a soccer player his whole life with a love for American football. When he realized he could combine both and play for his junior college team as the kicker he immediately tried out. He has done amazing since day 1 and won all sorts of awards including player of the year, 1st place So_Cal kicker, academic player of the year and won a golden boot from the teams booster club.

He has taken the team from a loss to a win all throughout the season and made me so proud! He has been aiming and applying for a scholarship all throughout this last year and has talked to several schools and recruiters but unfortunately special teams positions are the hardest position to get a scholarship for .

So far if he doesnt get a scholarship we will return to SB this fall for him to take some extra courses for cheaper at the city college before attempting to transfer and I will work full time while Miles goes to daycare. Otherwise he gets a scholarship which could land us anywhere in the US at this point! Exciting…. but nerve racking!
So at the end of the month we have to pack up our whole apartment and move it into a local storage unit for the summer as we take what we can fit into our luggage for our Scandenavian adventures May 30+July 31

Missing bunny


So we drove around looking for an Easter bunny most of the day. When I was little there was one at every shopping mall. There seems to only be one in all of Santa Barbara and it’s at a huge egg hunt, train ride, kids day sort of event we would rather avoid.

Since Miles is only 4.5 months old it seemed unnecessary to do the whole event just for a picture with a bunny :/ so family pictures were all for today. Guess this tradition will have to start next year…

Marcus, Miles & I enjoyed ourselves at Marmalade Cafe, one of my favorite lunch spots in SB!

We shared a tuna taretare, tuna melt and some wine and salad 🙂 mums!!!

It’s such a nice feeling knowing this is my family now and everything starts with us. We get to start our own traditions and choose what we want Miles to participate in and understand the importance of! I can’t wait till he’s old enough to find eggs and leave carrots out at night for the Easter bunny to leave a basket filled with toys and candy in the morning. Or as in Sweden dress as a chimney sweep and go around to neighbors delivering Easter cards in exchange for candy.

I love having an international family though it’ll be confusing and different each year depending where we live at least we have options and we will all be together!

What’s your Easter tradition?

Necklace & dress forever21

Our first Easter as a family


Here are some pictures we took at the park today for Easter with our little family. We hired a photographer to take better ones but these were taken with my phone 🙂

More coming soon!

Happy Easter everyone




life with Miles….




Life with Miles has actually been a lot easier than both Marcus & I thought it would be. He is what I would like to call an “easy” baby. He isn’t much of a cryer (though he has/had his moments) and love to interact and go places. I would say he definitely has my personality when it comes to getting bored in one place & needing lots of attention and excitement…. which isn’t always a bad thing. 🙂

In the beginning everything was done so gently and with caution and fear since both of us had NO IDEA what we were doing. Since I had a c section we got to stay 5 nights in the hospital with around the clock care and attention along with meals throughout the day for both of us which was amazing!

When we left and loaded Miles into the car we both looked at each other with a look of “oh shit” and continued on our way home.

From dirty diapers to breastfeeding in public we got through it all. Unfortunately there is too much to blog about and I don’t want to start from day 1 but let’s just say we made a good team and figured it all out. Now I breastfeed wherever, whenever (with a cover of course) and can change a diaper with my eyes closed. Miles is developing quite the little personality & makes us laugh all day long with his cute sounds and reactions to almost anything we do.

He almost sleeps through the night now going to bed around 7:30/8pm after a bath given by daddy and doesn’t wake till close to 3/4am for a quick feed and snuggle back to bed. He attempts to wake again around 5/6 am and based on how cranky he is I either nurse him back to bed or soothe him with my hand and his pacifier in bed with us. He usually sleeps with us till 7/8 when he wakes up and wants to play 🙂

He love his play gym, swing, bouncy chair and sometimes even just sitting in our laps or laying next to us kicking away at our legs while we go about our business. We hike, swim and do almost everything with Miles and now that I have started to work with some clients in the community again to bring in more of a paycheck I bring him with me while Marcus studies, works out or goes to school.

So far so good & Miles is almost 4 1/2 months now and growing up so fast!

He takes daddy and me swim lessons saturday mornings at a local swim school aSwim with Phynnd loves it! He even does submersions and is learning to hold his breath underwater! Yay Miles!

Marcus is almost finished with his semester and May 30th we will be heading to Stockholm, Sweden to spend two months with his family and all of our friends… with Miles of course! His baptism is scheduled to happen in June at the church Marcus was baptized in and we can’t wait!

Now time for the fun blogging to begin….

comment or question if I left out anything
puss xoxo