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real talk

This post may or may not be interesting to those of you without a baby but I thought I would share the habits and routines we have here at ”home”. (note: these will all dramatically change once we travel through time -9 hours when we fly back to Cali)

So once Miles was about 3/4 months he started sleeping through the night or waking once to nurse at the most around 2/3am. He went to bed by 730 and woke up around 7/8. Like I’ve mentioned 3289723 times he didn’t handle the jet lag too well and luckily since he’s still young we flipped the routine pretty easily and the last month he has been sleeping fine. His naps are regulated to about once around 930am, once around 1pm and a late afternoon nap around 4/5pm. He has now stretched his bedtime to about 830/9 which is fine since the sun doesn’t set till around 11pm anyways here during the summer.

The only issue we have had since coming here is that he wants to either spoon with me till he falls asleep or nurse till he’s just about passed out and I sneak in a pacifier. I love this more than anything but it makes it difficult for me to leave ever for any reason. If Marcus or anyone else lays with him he just about screams and cries himself to sleep, which I hate & don’t feel is necessary for a baby his age. I have had to pass on plenty of dinner invites, parties that start earlier than 930pm or drinking wine before he’s asleep. (ok that made me sound like an alchy but you know what I mean ;)) So after racking my brain coming up with different ideas I have decided to start bottle feeding more often than I have been… which has been maybe 3 times since we have been here. I have been with Miles all day every day for the most part or only gone a couple hours and back in time for a feeding. Miles will drink a bottle if he absolutely HAS to and the only bottles we have ever tried, bought or used are Avent, and he’s still using the newborn nipple since he basically drowns with any other level ones.

Ok… so what’s the problem? The problem is he puts up a horrible fight over drinking from a bottle and even after it’s done he tantrums and acts like a maniac because it wasn’t as satisfying as mamma. Which means when I do drink, he will eat and take a bottle but he’s miserable and crying anyways .

new plan: before this post gets any longer I have started bottle feeding and taking turns doing it with Marcus while I am around so he doesn’t think boobies are the only way he can eat. I also don’t want him to relate a bottle to ONLY Marcus and me being gone. Yesterday he took a bottle without a fight and passed out while drinking in his stroller while we were out shopping. Tonight was a little harder but I ended up holding him on my side hip and Marcus & I took turns feeding him while I stood and watched and comforted with just my voice.

I was thrilled to see this work 😀
After his bottle we played a bit and I went into the room, laid him in his bed and he fell asleep without me laying next to him . Maybe today was a lucky day but I am now going to bottle feed before bed so he 1. Gets a full belly 2. Gets used to the idea of me not ALWAYS being there 3. I don’t have to be the only one doing bedtime

ps when I say he has a bottle I mean it’s filled with breastmilkk. I plan on breastfeeding till he’s 1 at least but would like to introduce more foods in the meantime so it’s not his only source of nutrition and other people can have fun feeding too 😀 Is it just me or do any of you mammas get super excited when something works.. I felt really proud tonight of both me and Marcus and somedays when we feel like we’re totally failing I will remember a moment like tonight when we put our brains together and re trained our little man.

My goal: Miles to be comfortable drinking from a bottle from anyone if need be & for him to be able to be laid in his crib/bed/our bed when it’s time and fall asleep with his pacifier and lovie.

ps: we have stopped co sleeping as the bed situation we have now isn’t big enough or safe enough for Miles & he has been sleeping in another room because it’s darker and less noisy since we watch TV, and stay up late. The last 4 nights he hasn’t woke up once from 8/9pm-6am! I have woken up engorged and panicking that something has happened to him and begged Marcus to go check because I couldn’t handle… he has just been sound asleep. I am so proud of him but my swollen boobs are taking the toll. I have been pumping like crazy both for a back up supply and to keep producing!

hope this helps any other struggling mommies out there.
ps: as for getting him to take the bottle. It has helped when we give it to him before we think he will start fussing and sometimes we place it next to him laying down and he plays with it for a bit and feeds himself. We try not to make it a big deal, hold him when he’s eating (unless it’s in an upright position) and we keep it stress free and relaxed. This kid really feeds off our emotions and does so much better when things are ”chill”




So I might’ve mentioned Marcus and I have an obsession with Conan OBrien. Well I tried for the last couple months to win tickets which is the only way you can get them and I finally did for yesterday Monday the 19th. Only issue is that Marcus decided he needed to study hard core for finals and so what I thought would be perfect since we would already be in LA at my parents wasn’t at all and he stayed behind :(. I asked everyone I could if they wanted to accompany me and it came down to trusty grandma who decided to join! She loves late night shows and actually watches Conan so it worked out 😉

We made the drive from long beach to Burbank… About an hour and arrived 40 min before seating time which was nice. They asked us if we needed a shuttle to the studio since it was about a 20 min walk…. My grandma doesn’t do well with long walks so we accepted. We scored in doing so because we along with some other handicapped and elderly people got a shuttle ride from the coolest guy. He usually does tours of Warner Brothers that people pay for but since we had time to kill while the rest of the audience walked he took us on a free one! We saw everything on the back lot from the Pretty Little Liars houses to the bar in true blood and scenes from dexter and ER. It was awesome! We saw Ellen’s show starting to tape and I took a picture of her Porsche parked in her spot along with some other cool shots.

We got inside the studio (which was smaller than it looks on tv) (and freezing) and sat down while the basic cable band played. A hilarious comedian came out and warmed up the audience then it was time…. My love! Conan came out and everyone went wild. Oh ya since we were in the disabled group we got front row seats next to Andy Richter and in front of it all!

After an awesome show and a cool experience on how it all worked we went off for lunch together and called it a day 🙂

I was super engorged because as usual I forgot my hand pump and was away from miles for almost 7 hours (longest ever). Thank god he’s so good with grandma 🙂









The best feeling…

Miles as you know has been extra loving and fussy lately because he’s starting to teethe (I think). He’s been fighting a nap when I try to force it so lately I’ve just laid calmly next to him and played Bon Iver radio on pandora and blogged while he stares and relaxes into a deep sleep. It’s adorable.

I on the other hand don’t feel like taking 28366263 naps during the day so I either shower, clean or think about packing. Since I’m still in LB I obviously can’t pack and I’m having bad anxiety about not being home to get started :/ I have made last minute plans to visit with a few more friends before I leave so I’ll be here the rest of today. I’m also avoiding driving 2 hours to Santa Barbara while Miles is awake so I have decided to leave around 7 tonight after I nurse and bathe the little man since I know he will sleep the whole way home.

Tomorrow I’m waking up bright and early to get boxes and start packing. I can’t believe we leave in 3 days and believe it or not we haven’t touched a single thing in our apartment. Call us crazy but balancing work, a 6 month old and a boyfriend studying for finals he has till Thursday hasn’t been easy. Anyways we work better under pressure 😉

Here’s a picture of my little lovely sleeping nicely beside me. When he wakes up we’re heading to the beach for lunch with a friend then back to do laundry and pack up the car.






Sorry about the horrible updating. Friday morning was chaos! We popped in on a Friday swim class for Miles since I would be I’m LA all weekend visiting my family. It was his last and final class which meant he did his final swim! He was pushed 3 feet under water and through a hula hoop then let go and since babies are born with a natural reflex that sticks around till about 8 months, he kicked his way to the surface then flipped over on his back 🙂 all while holding his breath! He’s my little fish for sure!

After his lesson if went straight to LA and luckily since after swim he’s super tired he slept the whole way to LB! It took is about 2 hr 30 min with a little traffic which isn’t too bad.
Marcus unfortunately stayed in SB this time since he has finals this coming week and needed to get some study time in… We all know the best way to do that is without Miles & mamma 😉

The night before we went out for wine with a bunch of friends since it was too hot to be in the apartment. I spent almost all last week at the beach from morning till night because it was 100f 38c! Insane for Santa Barbara!!!!! We only stayed out till about 930 because this time we attempted to bring Miles and get him to sleep in his stroller. This didn’t work unfortunately because he was distracted by the noise and all of us talking and laughing :/

So now I’m in Long beach at my parents. My mom had her jewelry party the first night which I made awesome sales at and yesterday miles and I went to my friends baby’s 1st birthday party ! I remember going to her baby shower like it was yesterday!

Anyways today, depending on the weather, I think Miles and I might hit the beach 🙂

There’s a quick little update for you guys! More to come later today

Puss puss





Moscow mules


Last night my friend Charlotte and I went out for a nice cold Moscow mule and an all local/organic dinner at my favorite bar Seven!

I had a Tri tip and blue cheese sandwich with truffle fries and she had a grilled chicken pesto with fries. Amazinnnnng. After hours of catching up and reminiscing about when we both first lived in Santa Barbara in 2009 with the huge group of swedes we hung out we decided to call it a night. (Marcus was home with sleeping Miles).

As we walked to the car we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the beach looked. It was still over 80f out (28c) and the ocean was glistening along with a full moon and the lights from the pier. Picture perfect

Well not picture perfect because the moon always looks small and worthless in pictures but I tried to capture it for ya’ll anyways …



I love my job…


Since I started selling jewelry for Lia Sophia I have “earned” so much practically free jewelry. Including these two beauties that came in the mail today….

The “M” necklace was ordered secretly for me by Marcus & Miles for Mother’s Day & I spoiled myself a little with the lemon chiffon ring. (ignore my horrible paint job).

If anyone is interested in ordering comment below or email me!
I do direct sales and can even help you host a facebook party where you would get tons of free & discounted jewelry based on what we sell… it’s super easy and super fun!

I don’t ship to Sweden but I will be there in 9 days so if you wanted to order something you see online you could ship it to me & I would bring it to you!



Summerland and pacifiers


My good friend Charlotte is in town from Norway and what better time to visit Santa Barbara than when it’s a scorching 96 degrees. So we hit the beach. It’s been miles and my hangout/hideaway for the past couple weeks.

I found myself spending too much money just walking around downtown either shopping or eating so the beach is far away enough and just as entertaining for both of us 🙂 after lunch at my favorite beachside grill we had coffee at cafe Luna in summerland then laid on the beach for a bit more as the crowds of people rolled in, all obviously escaping their hot houses since SB doesn’t believe in AC. I fell in love with a green tea smoothie today, that or I was just miserably hot and low on energy. Miles was the worlds cutest and best baby today, I mean he always is but today was exceptional. Also must be the heat 😉

We had a pacifier crisis when I lost his pacifier (forgot it at home) and after he nursed he naturally wanted to take his nap which means pacifier in mouth, favorite blanket and left alone. Well….. The pacifier was no where to be found as were at the burger joint so I unscrew an Avent bottle and used the lid (almost worked). He realized and started crying. I nursed him totally to sleep as I stared at my food getting cold and laid him in his stroller (success). Then as we got into the car later to head back to town he wanted his pacifier since that’s his “car thing” and that’s where I had no other option. I dug around my car and found a dirty old soothie pacifier meant for newborn ages and he rejected it the whole way to a nearby baby boutique and as I ran in to buy a pacifier he passed out with the soothie and my friend Andrea holding his hand.

$13 later and an organic expensive intense pacifier things were good. Oh ya and I got suckered into buying some teething toy for another $10. (I love it though and I’ll post about it later)

Regardless of this incident the day was amazing and filled with sun, friends, green tea smoothies and expensive pacifiers.

Stay cool 🙂



Mother’s Day!


This year was my first year actually BEING celebrated on Mother’s Day instead of just celebratING. Though I still of course got my mom a nice gift & wished her a happy Mother’s Day it was my turn as well! I must say I miss the good old days when a card with handprint hearts or the word “Mother” misspelled was enough to put a smile on mommy’s face… nowadays I get requests for a new pair of heels, botox, or a massage at a top notch salon.. well I guess that’s what happens when you start to work yourself 😉

I can’t wait for the days Miles comes home from school and hides something in his room & can barely hold in his little secret of what he made me at school or what him & daddy got at the store. This year since Miles is only 5.5 months old I woke up (after sleeping in till 9) to Marcus & Miles in the kitchen with an all American breakfast at the table and fresh brewed coffee. After breakfast we hit the town and walked around state street people watching as there were tons of moms and kids out together… so cute.

I had to work that night unfortunately but it was a Mother’s Day jewelry party with champagne, mimosas, wine, cheese, & I got to showcase and sell jewelry to all the ladies! I was only here for a couple hours and made some pretty good money and all the ladies had an amazing Mother’s Day away from their kids…

Mother’s Day is an interesting holiday & I saw a survey in the newspaper the other day stating out of all the women who were surveyed only 3.8% of them claimed they got to do what they ACTUALLY WANTED to do on Mother’s Day which believe it or not was spend some ALONE time or time with just the girls! I totally understand and it’s only been this year that I was celebrated.

I love the idea of gifts and brunch with the kids the morning of, but followed by a massage or wine with friends sounds like a PERFECT Mother’s Day to me….

just a thought 😉

How was your Mother’s Day…. I know Sweden doesn’t celebrate till November if I’m correct…




Best weekend in awhile…


I’ve been busy relaxing believe it or not which made for poor updating unfortunately. Marcus took it easy with Miles and I this weekend and I was off work which was even nicer!

Friday night Miles went to bed around 8:00pm and Marcus and I made a pile of nachos and watched a marathon of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” on Netflix. We called it a night around midnight and woke up Saturday bright and early and decided to go on a power walk to get coffee and check out the new Santa Barbara Public Market.

We got coffee at my favorite place The French Press and sat outside enjoying coffee and bagels while Miles slept in the stroller. After coffee we walked to the public market which just opened. It’s basically this prestigious organic, local indoor shop with a grocery store, fresh meats, cheeses, coffees, tea, a wine store and tons more. I fell in LOVE.

After walking around and wanting to buy EVERYTHING possible and harassing the butcher asking about where they get their meat and how it’s killed we headed home to get ready for Miles swim lesson at 11.

He did awesome at swimming and learned to “dive” in from the side and go under water (of course with Marcus help). After swimming which only lasts about 30min he is usually BEYOND tired and after a quick feeding sesh he passes out which left us time to run errands around town.

I harassed Trader Joes and bought almost EVERYTHING in sight and came home ready to make the best dinner in a while! Seared Ahi tuna wraps with steamed sticky rice.

1. sear ahi in pan for 1 min/side on medium heat
2. tear spears of romaine lettuce off of head for wrapping
3. steam rice to desired stickiness
4. I marinated my ahi after cooking in sesame oil, soy, cayenne pepper, mandarin, and garlic.
5. combine ahi and rice and wrap in lettuce

Enjoy 🙂 We enjoyed ours with a bottle of rose’ wine from Napa we had been saving. Waterstone Rose’ Cabernet Sauvignon Rose’ was the BEST so far.

We continued the night drinking wine and laughing with my cousin David who came over and Miles slept like a baby… Marcus and I decided to download chess on my ipad and played a few games and drank a few more then headed to bed around 1am!

Loving life right about now… now time for pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns 🙂 puss puss







swimming & sangria


Today was the hottest day so far. 90+ f (34c)! In April! I know they say Santa Barbara is one of the sunniest towns to live in with an average of 300 days of sun but HOT DAMN!!

I would much rather a climate that changes with the seasons and stays accurate. The unfortunate thing about SB is you wake up and it can be almost freezing, with dense fog and sometime even frost on your window or what looks like rain clouds… so you put on pants, boots and maybe a nice knitted sweater or beanie only to realize by lunch your stripping off your clothes and walking around barefoot to avoid putting your hot knee high boots on.

Having a baby in Santa Barbara just adds to the chaos and constant question of WHAT TO WEAR? I have learned my lesson now with Miles and since his body temperature runs pretty high and he seems to sweat easily I dress him in thin pants and a short sleeve with a spare sweater in my bag. 🙂

Today we hit the pool and Miles loved every minute of it. He is such a water baby and is starting to love nothing more than to be almost completely submersed with just his eyes, nose and mouth rising above water.. even in his bath. He sinks himself all the way down and blows raspberries… so cute.

After some pizza and a pool session I headed home to start my white and red sangria for my little girls night I am hosting tomorrow.
Oh ps… I started selling jewelry for a company called Lia Sophia as a part time gig… kinda like pampered chef, AVON, Mary Kay.. but cute fun chunky jewelry that I actually like and get to keep for myself.. anyways …

tomorrow is my first party which I have to host and have a jewelry advisor come and present the jewelry at. After this I am the presenter & I already have 3 parties booked before we leave for Sweden! The good thing about this is I can travel with it all across the US & even have skype parties in Sweden if I wanted to!

Time for some tortilla soup ( not the best choice when it’s hot out but I just craved it ((breastfeeding probz))

sangria recipe coming…