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Date night

Last night Marcus and I were invited to our friend Oscar’s for Marcus’ famous Parmesan cream lasagne. Basically an explosion of calories, cheese, carbs and all the other goodness that starts with C. After two slices, a glass of red and too much garlic bread we headed out.

The night was young (830) and Miles was tired. I got him to fall asleep with the help of the magical ergo and laid him in his stroller. Marcus and I randomly decided to bust open our sparkling rose we bought and sit ourselves across the way on a dock on a little island called Långholmen.

Långholmen is probably one of my top favorite places to be in Stockholm because of it’s charm & the fact that it is surrounded by my favorite little hipster part of town Södermalm. There was amazing music coming from the blues band across the water and a little family of ducklings kept us company.

Embarassing enough we forgot glasses so we drank from the bottle. Moments like these make it all the more memorable.

With miles fast asleep in the stroller we sat on the edge of the dock with our feet dangling above the water just soaking in one of the most perfect Swedish summer nights so far.

After half the bottle and a setting sun we headed for the subway. Marcus and I hardly get to enjoy ourselves like this since we usually head home for Miles bedtime but now that I see he can sleep perfectly in the stroller I think we owe ourselves a few more fun nights out!

Anyways my mommy brain is feeling it today and I’ve got a small headache…. Some coffee should fix that 😉 Miles woke up around 6/630 but after some playtime, breakfast and cartoons we both laid down for a nap and daddy left for football practice.
Plans for today? I’m thinking of taking the bus to the nearby public pool and swimming with Miles…

How does your Saturday look?

















Sorry about the horrible updating. Friday morning was chaos! We popped in on a Friday swim class for Miles since I would be I’m LA all weekend visiting my family. It was his last and final class which meant he did his final swim! He was pushed 3 feet under water and through a hula hoop then let go and since babies are born with a natural reflex that sticks around till about 8 months, he kicked his way to the surface then flipped over on his back 🙂 all while holding his breath! He’s my little fish for sure!

After his lesson if went straight to LA and luckily since after swim he’s super tired he slept the whole way to LB! It took is about 2 hr 30 min with a little traffic which isn’t too bad.
Marcus unfortunately stayed in SB this time since he has finals this coming week and needed to get some study time in… We all know the best way to do that is without Miles & mamma 😉

The night before we went out for wine with a bunch of friends since it was too hot to be in the apartment. I spent almost all last week at the beach from morning till night because it was 100f 38c! Insane for Santa Barbara!!!!! We only stayed out till about 930 because this time we attempted to bring Miles and get him to sleep in his stroller. This didn’t work unfortunately because he was distracted by the noise and all of us talking and laughing :/

So now I’m in Long beach at my parents. My mom had her jewelry party the first night which I made awesome sales at and yesterday miles and I went to my friends baby’s 1st birthday party ! I remember going to her baby shower like it was yesterday!

Anyways today, depending on the weather, I think Miles and I might hit the beach 🙂

There’s a quick little update for you guys! More to come later today

Puss puss





Moscow mules


Last night my friend Charlotte and I went out for a nice cold Moscow mule and an all local/organic dinner at my favorite bar Seven!

I had a Tri tip and blue cheese sandwich with truffle fries and she had a grilled chicken pesto with fries. Amazinnnnng. After hours of catching up and reminiscing about when we both first lived in Santa Barbara in 2009 with the huge group of swedes we hung out we decided to call it a night. (Marcus was home with sleeping Miles).

As we walked to the car we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the beach looked. It was still over 80f out (28c) and the ocean was glistening along with a full moon and the lights from the pier. Picture perfect

Well not picture perfect because the moon always looks small and worthless in pictures but I tried to capture it for ya’ll anyways …




Miles has typically always been a sleeper. (Always being after the first month, since the first month is crazy for everyone).
The first month he of course slept almost 20 hours per day and I thought I must have the “easiest” baby and wondered why anyone ever thought having a newborn meant less sleep…. well… then nighttime came and since I was breastfeeding and Miles or I hadn’t quite learned how to side feed (feeding lying down) I had to sit up with the boppy support pillow almost every hour-hour and a half to try and feed and calm him back to sleep.

So after the first month of figuring him out we started to get into a routine. I am HUGE on routines. I think everyone would do so much better in life no matter what age if we had some sort of routine. I have worked with special ed for going on 7 years and EVERY single one of my students has been on a strict routine from the second they enter the classroom. It helps not only them but the teachers, aides and even parents at home. I have seen some pretty remarkable things happen to kids once they get into a routine at home or school and I have also seen it come crashing down when things like “spring break” or “late start Thursdays” come into play.

Anyways so after reading the benefits routines have with babies in almost every baby book I decided what ours would be. As a breastfeeding mom I find any way I can for Marcus and Miles to bond and have their time together. I do not believe a child needs one parent over the other and I want Miles to have the best possible relationship with Marcus and that starts now.

Marcus has been in charge of bath time since Miles very first bath and since it’s Miles favorite activity he can relate “enjoyment and pleasure” to being with daddy! Genius 🙂 after bath either Marcus or myself get Miles into his pajamas and give him a little lavender massage… I then nurse Miles till he’s almost asleep and transfer him into his bed. He stays in his bed which is a co-sleeper and attached to the side of our bed (we live in a one bedroom currently) till he wakes around 3-4 am which obviously hasn’t always been .

He did go through phases and growth spurts where he would wake more often but has typically only woke 1-3 times/night!

Now since I have started to work more often and Marcus is struggling with getting Miles down at night we are switching things up…

I am now doing his last feeding right before bath time. Marcus still does bath time and I take over for a cozy massage, lullaby and then lay him in his bed while I sit next to him patting or holding my hand on him with his pacifier as he drifts off. I will slowly start to minimize the amount of soothing I do and leave it up to him as time goes by. So far so good ! Tonight was amazing and he went down instantly 🙂

any tips? comments? let me know! mom2mom


A night out for mommy


I got a much needed night out last night with one of my best friends Andrea here in Santa Barbara. We’ve both been so busy with our lives and haven’t got the chance to hang out lately with me being a mom and all and her being caught up with work and her new boyfriend.

We started the night out at our favorite tasting room/wine bar Muni … After Muni we called UBER which is seriously my new favorite taxi service. They send you whichever personal driver they have near you and you can see where the driver is on a map with live gps. So we took our UBER taxi to the James Joyce one of our favorite hipster bars on State street and had a few drinks with some more friends before calling it a night.

It’s definitely different drinking when you have a baby. I have the responsibility of taking care of this little guy, waking up early, breastfeeding and entertaining. AKA I can’t drink like I used to.

Especially since you can’t breastfeed after drinking so I’ve spent my night and morning pumping and bottle feeding almost 5 bags from my freezer stash :/ thank god this only happens once in awhile.

Oh ya and it’s Easter so Marcus and I might take Miles to the courthouse for a big outdoor Easter service a local church is hosting and follow with a nice brunch!

Happy Easter