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SEVEN Jeans for baby

My little is growing up to be just like mommy 😉 I couldn’t help but splurge a little (what’s new) and get little Miles a pair of Seven’s I found for a great deal at Nordstrom’s rack…

that little diaper booty & those back rolls are worth every penny.


Nordstrom ADDICT

Sooooo I failed & went wild at Nordstrom’s yesterday. Whoops. Atleast it was with my Nordies credit card so it’s not that bad right? WRONG. I get so close to paying it off then I get carried away and spend again. Oh well… guess I am a life time Nordstrom’s card holder… can you blame me? I love their stuff and don’t even get me started on their customer service. They take ANYTHING and EVERYTHING back no matter what almost whenever ! I bought a pair of Steve Madden boots one year (short ankle black boots) I was a big fan and loved them & they were on sale so it was perfect. I got a size 9 which I usually am but after a month or more of wearing them and constantly feeling like they were just too big I sucked it up and kept wearing them. Then one day I went in to discuss my issue with them. They looked up my item based off my card history & told me they sent those boots to Nordstrom’s rack ( a place for out of season items). AKA they didn’t carry them anymore so I thought oh well I”ll just keep them and double up on socks haha

well…. they said bring them in anyways and they will take them back for a full refund… even thought they were totally worn! I also bout a Marc Jacobs wallet from them and after awhile the zipper broke and they took that back to! They do free shoe repairs if you’ve got their credit card and not to mention the women’s lounge for breastfeeding and changing babies is stocked with leather reclining chairs, sofas, carpet, lamps for dimming and fresh changing pads… LOVE. I use this as my excuse to shop….”whoops time to feed/change Miles, guess we have to stop by Nordstrom’s)

Anyways yesterday I bought a pair of Tom’s, Havaianas, a black thin cardigan thing, a tight black tank crop top, an olive green flowy crop, and yayyyy my shorts overalls. I was [ ] this close to buying them from Free People for a bijillion dollars after not finding ones that were just right and then it happened… I found them in the BP section! STEAL!

here are some pics of a few of the items ❤ sorry for the shitty iphone picture of myself … the online picture of the overalls just didn't do justice.




Gifts from Paris


A good friend of mine is visiting from Paris this week and he came bearing gifts for Miles 🙂

A Paris Saint Germain team onesie along with an adorable nautical onesie from Winter Water Factory

Merci !




I have been holding back on buying Miles a Patagonia or North Face jacket basically since I found out I was pregnant.

Considering these jackets can run anywhere from $60.00+ and at the rate he’s growing out of everything it’s almost not worth it… almost.
Well the time finally came! I found an awesome deal on a light fleece Patagonia sweater ages 6 months and up which was perfect because he’s almost wearing that size now and that is the size in which babies start to lengthen and thin out (crossing my fingers it fits for a few months). He will get to wear it this summer in Sweden and France on those colder European summer nights! Can’t wait.

I couldn’t find a good image online but here is one similar however his is blue with green fish like shapes on it.

I admit, I’m a shopaholic… the sick part is I don’t shop for myself anymore. It’s way more fun shopping for him. I have however learned my lesson on buying newborn sizes (for the next baby) and buying two sizes in something if you really like it or if you’ve found a good deal. I also wasted a lot of money buying expensive brand and homemade items from Etsy when he was so small and all he did was sleep all day so no one got to see the cute outfits he had on :/

Now since the little guy is starting to be more active and is awake most of the day and getting close to sitting on his own I get to play dress up 🙂

I can’t wait for the day he’s walking around… watch out ladies!