being preggo

The connection we had. The feeling of knowing you were in there and getting to enjoy every breath and step I took knowing you were growing from it. Choosing healthy options & making smart decisions from eating to working out, lifting, and skipping my favorite drink besides water. wine.

I remember HATING being pregnant for almost 90% of it since I was sick beyond belief for most of it and couldn’t even stand being in a grocery store or anywhere that served food. I lived off smoothies and crisp bread with cucumber and butter & surprisingly steak the last month or so.

steak for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Thank you Marcus for sitting alongside me, not judging, and keeping my steak stock up in the fridge ❤ love you

I remember constantly saying I would never do this again and couldn't imagine going through another 9 months & then the second that little screaming body covered in goo was ripped out of me I knew. I could do it 2389791273 times again….

I didn't think I would ever forget the troubles I had during pregnancy but now it all seems like such a blurr. You are the most best amazing, cutest, pain in the ass ball of love that has ever happened to me Miles & I can't imagine life without you.

From the second I knew I was pregnant and was forced to cancel my 5 day dive trip, my job at a winery & stop eating sushi I knew you were gonna be a tough one… 9 months later & a c -section because you were more comfortable right side up your here raising hell and demanding daddy & my attention constantly. I love it. I see so much of myself in you & can't wait to watch you grow and fight your way through life.

As for getting pregnant again. Maybe someday. Not now. I've got my hands full making sure I do this little boy right first & give him every piece of my heart for a few years at least 🙂