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august, 22

So we finally booked our tickets home. It feels sometimes like we have been away from home for years and other times we look back and it all went by so fast. Most of the summer has been spent with friends and family while some of it has of course been spent stressing out about what’s to come when we move back. We have a lot of discussing to do still when it comes to what we can afford, what bills we will aim to pay off first and how much we can try and save each month. Though we dreamed of renting a two bedroom this time around it looks like a one bedroom will have to do. 


Miles is still so young and has no real need for his OWN room besides me and Marcus getting our bed and lives together back but that can wait… I would love to get all of our debt paid off and find the perfect apartment together for a future move in. 


anyways Miles has been demolishing EVERYTHING in sight lately and loves everything he has tried so far, fruits, veggies, chicken, pasta (he just isn’t too into ground beef). He eats purees every now and then when he either can’t eat what we are aka American pancakes and bacon for breakfast or when we are out and eating fast food or don’t have time to pack something for him. I can’t wait to get back and in the kitchen whipping up some tasty baby meals we can all enjoy!


He is still scooting around on the floor and rolling from one end of the house to the other and the change in poop from baby breastfed soup like poop to big boy poop took us all by surprise and has become his new favorite thing to do. Poor little guy had a nasty rash this weekend and wouldn’t stop crying everytime he farted or pooped, heartbreaking….thanks to a little butt paste it was fixed 🙂

I am still trying to figure it all out considering he poops a few times a day now vs. when he used to only poop one big blow out a day… more diapers for us to buy and change… wahhhh


so we only have about 12 days left and this weekend we spent it at Marcus’ sister beautiful cozy wedding and my friend Cecilia’s crayfish party for her 25th birthday. After a two day hangover I finally rose from the dead and I’ve decided to meet Sofia, Madelene & Julia for a swim and lunch with Miles. I have to pack in as many visits with friends and Marcus’ family as possible now since it’ll probably be another year till I see alot of them… boo 


post coming soon on my favorite blogs I’m reading lately. I promise a new blog design and more effort, links, tags, etc. put into my posts when I get back home.!















Date night

Last night Marcus and I were invited to our friend Oscar’s for Marcus’ famous Parmesan cream lasagne. Basically an explosion of calories, cheese, carbs and all the other goodness that starts with C. After two slices, a glass of red and too much garlic bread we headed out.

The night was young (830) and Miles was tired. I got him to fall asleep with the help of the magical ergo and laid him in his stroller. Marcus and I randomly decided to bust open our sparkling rose we bought and sit ourselves across the way on a dock on a little island called Långholmen.

Långholmen is probably one of my top favorite places to be in Stockholm because of it’s charm & the fact that it is surrounded by my favorite little hipster part of town Södermalm. There was amazing music coming from the blues band across the water and a little family of ducklings kept us company.

Embarassing enough we forgot glasses so we drank from the bottle. Moments like these make it all the more memorable.

With miles fast asleep in the stroller we sat on the edge of the dock with our feet dangling above the water just soaking in one of the most perfect Swedish summer nights so far.

After half the bottle and a setting sun we headed for the subway. Marcus and I hardly get to enjoy ourselves like this since we usually head home for Miles bedtime but now that I see he can sleep perfectly in the stroller I think we owe ourselves a few more fun nights out!

Anyways my mommy brain is feeling it today and I’ve got a small headache…. Some coffee should fix that 😉 Miles woke up around 6/630 but after some playtime, breakfast and cartoons we both laid down for a nap and daddy left for football practice.
Plans for today? I’m thinking of taking the bus to the nearby public pool and swimming with Miles…

How does your Saturday look?















Swedish BBQ


Last night Fanny and her family invited us over to her house for a BBQ dinner. Around 5 pm we drove over and stayed there for a few hours before both Miles & us started to get tired and feel the need to head back home.

We enjoyed some beer, lamb sausages, beef, BBQ corn, grilled onions, salad & amaziiiiing homemade blueberry frozen yogurt made by Fanny’s sister Hilda.

Swedish summer feels amazing even though I haven’t been through the whole winter this time around. The sun stays up till after midnight and everyones mood is just so much better when the sun is out… I love the fact that everyone enjoys the nature around them. People wander out on long walks and collect beautiful fresh flowers to have back home & pick their own mushrooms, strawberries & blueberries just in the neighboring forests. !!! love it









My favorite

Went to djursholm for lunch at Fannys parents house this afternoon. Miles slept for most of the night last night and woke up around 730. We had breakfast and got ready and headed out with Fanny 🙂

I love where her parents live. It’s the biggest most beautiful house in the best suburb outside of the city. We hung out with her little sister and harassed Miles before going on a long walk around. It’s still cold and grey here which is crazy considering it was almost 90f 30c the first two days we were here! We planned on going to a museum or something but don’t have the urge to leave the house in this weather.

Miles has been more cranky than usual today and just wants to nurse and sleep. Damn jetlag and teething 😦 anyways he slept during our walk and I’m now nursing him for the 3rd time in the last couple hours blahhhhhh

Heading home soon for a fika with Marcus grandma who hasn’t met Miles yet 🙂

Puss puss



Baptism planning

Today we went and checked out the church in which we plan on baptizing Miles at June 14th. It was one of the most beautiful churches I had ever seen and was in fact built in the 1600s! I can’t wait to see everyone that will be there… friends I haven’t seen in over two years and all of Marcus’ family (some I haven’t met yet).

After the actual baptism we are having a little fika/luncheon in the hall on the same property as the church. The church lies on a cemetery as well in which some of Marcus’ family is buried at so we visited their graves and took Miles to see his great grandfather Bo.

It’s still COLD AS F here so we couldn’t stay long and other than that hav pretty much stayed in all day and pigged out on all my favorite Swedish foods from breakfast till dinner….

puss puss








City adventures

Last night Marcus, Miles and I took the subway into the city. Since we’re staying at Marcus’ dad’s apartment it’s a bit outside the city. It only takes about 20 minutes by subway to get there though 🙂 We met up with our friend Oscar first to say hi and introduce Miles before heading over to my old roommate and good friend fanny’s for dinner. Josefin, Gabbie & Fanny’s boyfriend joined us. It was a long night filled with catching up, harassing Miles, and lots of spaghetti, coffee & chocolate 🙂 Last night was a HUGE drop in temperature and ended up being close to 55 f! (7c) We obviously did not plan for cold weather this summer (even though it is Sweden) and only brought shorts, tanks, and light sweaters. We brought Miles’ stroller but I mainly used the ergo to carry him around as it kept him and I warmer. Taking the subway was definitely a mission with a stroller & I am not sure how often in the future this summer I plan on bringing the stroller vs. his ergo. Some of the elevators were broken which we needed in order to get to the next platform when transferring which meant we had to take the stairs or escalator and without Marcus it’ll be difficult to board on time before the doors close and the train takes off. 


The prices have also gone up DRAMATICALLY from what I recall. For the two of us to get into the city and back it was around 20 dollars! Gas here is about 10 dollars a gallon so driving isn’t the best option either…. I think we plan on getting a monthly train pass which ends up being around 120 dollars each! We will see how much it all adds up to be after the next few weeks to see if it’s worth it or not. 

I do love the idea of taking public transportation for the sake of not having to find or pay for parking and just to take advantage of how simple it is in comparison of back home. 





So far

We finally got Swedish phone plans today. The internet is unfortunately so limited still to blogging isn’t possible throughout the day as often as I would like :/ we have spent the last few days visiting as many people as possible from family to friends and drinking as many cups of coffee throughout the day both to get over jet lag and avoid refusing a “fika” (coffee date). I haven’t seen all my friends yet but I know almost all of them will be at his baptism June 14!

It was almost 85/90 degrees the last couple days then all the sudden dropped to 60 today… Damn Swedish summer. We almost froze to death on our journey home tonight from dinner at a friends house …. It’s going to remain cold and even rain through the weekend 😦

Time for bed. Miles has decided to wake up and stay awake from 2/3 am till 7am the last couple nights so we need to get over this jet lag!

Puss puss








We made it!

Miles did so amazing on our flight to Sweden. I wore him in the ergo the whole time at the airport and we got all of our luggage checked in and out along with a stroller and car seat! Miles fell asleep almost instantly as we took off in my arms and woke about an hour later. After a little crying and a walk around the airplane in the ergo he fell back asleep 🙂

Since we didn’t get the bassinet or bulk head seating because of the amount of babies on the plane we had to sit in a regular seat. The girl next to us was super kind and understanding and Miles was amazing the whole time!

Everyone on the plane complimented us on how well behaved he was which was nice to hear. I am soooo glad we flew over night and will make sure we do it in the future. He was a little jet lagged yesterday but went to bed still by 8 pm waking at midnight for an hour and then around 3am for 2 hours and fell asleep again till 830. As long as I stick with or routine from home he should be fine 🙂 we went for a walk to the park this morning and got coffee before heading back to Marcus dad’s for breakfast. I’m sooooo happy to be hear and I can’t wait to visit with everyone I haven’t seen in over 2 years !

Marcus dad doesn’t have wifi so I’ll blog as often as I can. I’m hoping I have time to get a phone plan today but not sure if we want to pay the extra $$ for internet. It might be kinda nice to be without the constant need for social media this summer 🙂

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Avoiding the heat


It seriously has been the hottest it’s ever been in Santa Barbara. Yesterday pushed 100f (39c) and today is supposed to be even hotter. Guess that means time for the beach again!

Miles is so restless at night and can only sleep in a diaper since our apartment is so hot! He went to be at 6:45 last night exhausted from the heat which of course means he was up at 6 this morning 😦 wahhhhh

He’s craZy in his playgym lately. He spins all around in it playing with all corners and this morning he had his foot through a link and his arm through a soft book toy he has. Cute :)he’s starting to scoot towards anything he can grab too…. Yesterday he wiggled his way to our coffee table and started pulling books and papers out from under it. My little busig babe 😉

This morning I’m taking the car in for an oil change downtown then I’ve got a horrible dreaded dentist apt which Charlotte is going to watch Miles for since Marcus is in school :/ after the dentist guess where we’re headed… The beach!

Stay cool!


Moscow mules


Last night my friend Charlotte and I went out for a nice cold Moscow mule and an all local/organic dinner at my favorite bar Seven!

I had a Tri tip and blue cheese sandwich with truffle fries and she had a grilled chicken pesto with fries. Amazinnnnng. After hours of catching up and reminiscing about when we both first lived in Santa Barbara in 2009 with the huge group of swedes we hung out we decided to call it a night. (Marcus was home with sleeping Miles).

As we walked to the car we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the beach looked. It was still over 80f out (28c) and the ocean was glistening along with a full moon and the lights from the pier. Picture perfect

Well not picture perfect because the moon always looks small and worthless in pictures but I tried to capture it for ya’ll anyways …