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9 days…


9 days left until my cute little family & I hope on a plane and leave for Sweden. This will be Miles’ first time meeting the second half of his family (besides his mormor ((Marcus’ mom) who came to visit when Miles was 5 weeks old). There are so many of our friends and Marcus’ family dying to meet him & us of course and we couldn’t be more excited!!!!!

Anyways so thank goodness for one last heat wave here before we leave, it gives us time to catch up on our California tans we get to show off when we arrive in Stockholm 😉

Today we hit the beach… again and had lunch at our favorite beachside grill (again). It honestly never gets old.. if we decide to come back to Santa Barbara in the fall we have been talking about possibly moving to Summerland or Carpinteria which is only about 10 minutes south of where we live now but soooo much smaller and the beach is beautiful! Miles loves the sand and can’t stop kicking it around and digging into it with his adorable little toes & fingers. Unfortunately a lot ends up in his mouth but hey .. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 😉

We have been working on rolling from back to tummy which he is EXTREMELY close to doing… (I am sure he can, but since he hates tummy time..he would rather not). We are also practicing sitting and balancing without his hands on the ground… everything is happening so fast! My little mand is already 5.5 months this week…. slow down!

How are you all surviving the heat? & How’s it going in Sweden… any sign of summer yet or do we have to bring the sun with us 🙂

puss puss xoxo




Summerland and pacifiers


My good friend Charlotte is in town from Norway and what better time to visit Santa Barbara than when it’s a scorching 96 degrees. So we hit the beach. It’s been miles and my hangout/hideaway for the past couple weeks.

I found myself spending too much money just walking around downtown either shopping or eating so the beach is far away enough and just as entertaining for both of us 🙂 after lunch at my favorite beachside grill we had coffee at cafe Luna in summerland then laid on the beach for a bit more as the crowds of people rolled in, all obviously escaping their hot houses since SB doesn’t believe in AC. I fell in love with a green tea smoothie today, that or I was just miserably hot and low on energy. Miles was the worlds cutest and best baby today, I mean he always is but today was exceptional. Also must be the heat 😉

We had a pacifier crisis when I lost his pacifier (forgot it at home) and after he nursed he naturally wanted to take his nap which means pacifier in mouth, favorite blanket and left alone. Well….. The pacifier was no where to be found as were at the burger joint so I unscrew an Avent bottle and used the lid (almost worked). He realized and started crying. I nursed him totally to sleep as I stared at my food getting cold and laid him in his stroller (success). Then as we got into the car later to head back to town he wanted his pacifier since that’s his “car thing” and that’s where I had no other option. I dug around my car and found a dirty old soothie pacifier meant for newborn ages and he rejected it the whole way to a nearby baby boutique and as I ran in to buy a pacifier he passed out with the soothie and my friend Andrea holding his hand.

$13 later and an organic expensive intense pacifier things were good. Oh ya and I got suckered into buying some teething toy for another $10. (I love it though and I’ll post about it later)

Regardless of this incident the day was amazing and filled with sun, friends, green tea smoothies and expensive pacifiers.

Stay cool 🙂



cold treats for everyone!


Since it’s been pretty warm lately our little family decided to walk over to the Santa Barbara Public Market (my new favorite place) and get some fresh Rori’s ice cream… We discovered a new favorite flavor (malted milk ball) OMH *heaven in my mouth.

After ice cream and a little walk around town we headed home and Miles got to chew on his favorite, a frozen strawberry in his teething toy (has a little net bag that holds frozen treats for sucking and gnawing on ((great for teething). After a story with dad it was time for bed & I had a work meeting and stayed up late planning for my BIG jewelry party this weekend. it’ll be my first jewelry party where I am selling and I can’t wait. I’ve been practicing my presentation, getting to know the jewelry and just brushing up on sales tips with my advisor.

How was your day ?





TONE IT UP… sort’ve


So a friend of mine sent me the “Tone It Up” handbook by the Tone it Up girls Karena & Katrina. After turning pages and flipping through the book I pulled out what I felt I could accomplish. They have awesome tips on toning it up, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle in general. I love reading, cooking and sometimes working out so I found their book super helpful!

I pulled tons of recipes and work out routines that I hope to incorporate into my daily schedule before leaving for Sweden. I also found tons of juice and smoothie recipes which I am a HUGE fan of ….

Check it out or follow my blog for more!
They also have a 7 day slim down that a friend of mine is doing. I might try it the 7 days before Sweden if things don’t get too hectic with moving and all. I find it hard to meal prep when you have a baby and a boyfriend to coordinate with :/

Also starting tomorrow morning I am getting back into my apple cider vinegar shots! I forgot my huge bottle of Braggs ACV at my old apartment so once I get it back IT’S ON! I swear by this stuff & I noticed the tone it up girls do to. They have an awesome recipe which includes cayenne pepper, lemon, hot water and ACV. yum 🙂

If you do try the ACV beware… it is HORRIBLE the first few times. I started with taking mine with water and honey in a small glass and just gulping it down but now I love it!
You can read about the benefits HERE

I even went to a lecture Mrs. Bragg hosted at a local university and LOVE everything she stands for. PS I have that big jug of ACV on their website… don’t judge.

Here are a few pages from the Tone it Up manual along with a shot recipe for ACV!




So it didn’t hit me until this afternoon that in less than 3 weeks we (as a little family) would be getting on a plane at LAX with tons of bags, car seat, and stroller…oh ya and a 6 month old and voyaging off to Sweden on a 10.5 hour flight. I have pretty much prepared myself for the flight part and think with super daddy Marcus we should be fine. I forgot however that we would be traveling through time as well… Sweden is 9 hours ahead of us :/ This not only is a pain in the ass for me to get used to but I am dreading the affect it could possibly have on my perfect sleeper of a 5 month old 😦 wahhhhhh

I started reading a couple forums tonight and found nothing but horror stories of people saying their child went from sleeping through the whole night to waking every 1-3 hours and crying and wanting to wake at 4-5 am and this NEVER going away even once they got back to their homeland! Luckily we are going to be there for close to 2.5 months which means we have time to get used to the time difference and accept it then come back here again and not leave for awhile. Any tips? I have read some people start pushing bed time and changing babies schedule to the time zone appropriate for where they are going a week or so before departure. It seems silly to try and do that considering it’s such a big time difference. Something tells me that since he’s still young and naps throughout the day and seriously almost sleeps through the whole night that this won’t be that difficult if we just let him nap as he pleases and keep him up for the last 3 hours or so before bed time… thoughts?

-desperate mommy


Dead iPad



Usually I blog from my iPad with my Bluetooth keyboard but it’s dead so I have to use my phone this time. Which means shorter posts….

Yesterday Miles and I hit the beach…again. This time we made the mistake of getting there at 11:30 aka the sun was almost directly above us and would be for some time. Since I don’t have an umbrella yet… (Getting one tomorrow after realizing how annoying it is without one) I tried to make shade by laying blankets and towels over every object I brought with us. After getting a small square of shade I of course gave it to Miles 🙂

Since he can’t sit up yet he likes to at least lay in the shade otherwise he won’t open his eyes :p

We had fun while it lasted but quickly ventured over to the grassy park area near the beach to lay under some palm trees. Since it was so hot Miles had no intentions of me holding him close with a nursing cover over his head while I fed him so we laid in the shade and side fed 😉 scandalous I know.

After the beach I saw a friends Instagram post about a peach mango strawberry coconut water smoothie she made and I NEEDED it.

Trader Joes was just down the street so we quickly walked there and as usual I almost bought the whole store including ingredients to make the strawberry salsa they were sampling out 😉

Well last night I hosted a girls night and had a friend come and present and sell some of the jewelry I started selling myself and everyone loved the sangria so feel free to go back a few posts and steal the recipe 😉

It stayed at least 85 degrees out last night so sangria and strawberry salsa was perfect. After drinking 5 glasses of sangria and spending $$$ on jewelry I called it a night.

Today I work 1230-330 and Marcus and Miles are going to the beach only for me to meet then after 🙂

Stay cool





SANGRIA recipe


So it was my first time making sangria and I couldn’t decide between red or white so I decided to make both… I basically mixed tons of ideas from different recipes I found on the beloved pinterest (my addiction).

white wine sangria
bottle of white wine (not oak aged)
fruit thinly sliced:
2 shots of Brandy
(*let soak overnight)
next morning add half a liter of perrier lemon sparkling water!
enjoy 🙂

Red wine Sangria
same thing 🙂 *best with a spanish wine

Looks and smells amazing already.. can’t imagine it tastes too bad either.

review coming tomorrow!


swimming & sangria


Today was the hottest day so far. 90+ f (34c)! In April! I know they say Santa Barbara is one of the sunniest towns to live in with an average of 300 days of sun but HOT DAMN!!

I would much rather a climate that changes with the seasons and stays accurate. The unfortunate thing about SB is you wake up and it can be almost freezing, with dense fog and sometime even frost on your window or what looks like rain clouds… so you put on pants, boots and maybe a nice knitted sweater or beanie only to realize by lunch your stripping off your clothes and walking around barefoot to avoid putting your hot knee high boots on.

Having a baby in Santa Barbara just adds to the chaos and constant question of WHAT TO WEAR? I have learned my lesson now with Miles and since his body temperature runs pretty high and he seems to sweat easily I dress him in thin pants and a short sleeve with a spare sweater in my bag. 🙂

Today we hit the pool and Miles loved every minute of it. He is such a water baby and is starting to love nothing more than to be almost completely submersed with just his eyes, nose and mouth rising above water.. even in his bath. He sinks himself all the way down and blows raspberries… so cute.

After some pizza and a pool session I headed home to start my white and red sangria for my little girls night I am hosting tomorrow.
Oh ps… I started selling jewelry for a company called Lia Sophia as a part time gig… kinda like pampered chef, AVON, Mary Kay.. but cute fun chunky jewelry that I actually like and get to keep for myself.. anyways …

tomorrow is my first party which I have to host and have a jewelry advisor come and present the jewelry at. After this I am the presenter & I already have 3 parties booked before we leave for Sweden! The good thing about this is I can travel with it all across the US & even have skype parties in Sweden if I wanted to!

Time for some tortilla soup ( not the best choice when it’s hot out but I just craved it ((breastfeeding probz))

sangria recipe coming…