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august, 22

So we finally booked our tickets home. It feels sometimes like we have been away from home for years and other times we look back and it all went by so fast. Most of the summer has been spent with friends and family while some of it has of course been spent stressing out about what’s to come when we move back. We have a lot of discussing to do still when it comes to what we can afford, what bills we will aim to pay off first and how much we can try and save each month. Though we dreamed of renting a two bedroom this time around it looks like a one bedroom will have to do. 


Miles is still so young and has no real need for his OWN room besides me and Marcus getting our bed and lives together back but that can wait… I would love to get all of our debt paid off and find the perfect apartment together for a future move in. 


anyways Miles has been demolishing EVERYTHING in sight lately and loves everything he has tried so far, fruits, veggies, chicken, pasta (he just isn’t too into ground beef). He eats purees every now and then when he either can’t eat what we are aka American pancakes and bacon for breakfast or when we are out and eating fast food or don’t have time to pack something for him. I can’t wait to get back and in the kitchen whipping up some tasty baby meals we can all enjoy!


He is still scooting around on the floor and rolling from one end of the house to the other and the change in poop from baby breastfed soup like poop to big boy poop took us all by surprise and has become his new favorite thing to do. Poor little guy had a nasty rash this weekend and wouldn’t stop crying everytime he farted or pooped, heartbreaking….thanks to a little butt paste it was fixed 🙂

I am still trying to figure it all out considering he poops a few times a day now vs. when he used to only poop one big blow out a day… more diapers for us to buy and change… wahhhh


so we only have about 12 days left and this weekend we spent it at Marcus’ sister beautiful cozy wedding and my friend Cecilia’s crayfish party for her 25th birthday. After a two day hangover I finally rose from the dead and I’ve decided to meet Sofia, Madelene & Julia for a swim and lunch with Miles. I have to pack in as many visits with friends and Marcus’ family as possible now since it’ll probably be another year till I see alot of them… boo 


post coming soon on my favorite blogs I’m reading lately. I promise a new blog design and more effort, links, tags, etc. put into my posts when I get back home.!















Date night

Last night Marcus and I were invited to our friend Oscar’s for Marcus’ famous Parmesan cream lasagne. Basically an explosion of calories, cheese, carbs and all the other goodness that starts with C. After two slices, a glass of red and too much garlic bread we headed out.

The night was young (830) and Miles was tired. I got him to fall asleep with the help of the magical ergo and laid him in his stroller. Marcus and I randomly decided to bust open our sparkling rose we bought and sit ourselves across the way on a dock on a little island called Långholmen.

Långholmen is probably one of my top favorite places to be in Stockholm because of it’s charm & the fact that it is surrounded by my favorite little hipster part of town Södermalm. There was amazing music coming from the blues band across the water and a little family of ducklings kept us company.

Embarassing enough we forgot glasses so we drank from the bottle. Moments like these make it all the more memorable.

With miles fast asleep in the stroller we sat on the edge of the dock with our feet dangling above the water just soaking in one of the most perfect Swedish summer nights so far.

After half the bottle and a setting sun we headed for the subway. Marcus and I hardly get to enjoy ourselves like this since we usually head home for Miles bedtime but now that I see he can sleep perfectly in the stroller I think we owe ourselves a few more fun nights out!

Anyways my mommy brain is feeling it today and I’ve got a small headache…. Some coffee should fix that 😉 Miles woke up around 6/630 but after some playtime, breakfast and cartoons we both laid down for a nap and daddy left for football practice.
Plans for today? I’m thinking of taking the bus to the nearby public pool and swimming with Miles…

How does your Saturday look?















zoo day with my babe

Yesterday we spent the day at the zoo, Skansen, here in Stockholm. After a train ride into the city and another train ride along the water we finally arrived. Miles loves the train luckily and even though he tries to lick and suck on all the handles and poles the smile he puts on stranger’s faces makes it all worth it.

The zoo was HUGE so to speak. We spent a lot of time walking around and talking and taking care of Miles, more than actually looking at animals. Most of the animals were either hiding surrounded by huge groups of people so getting a good look at them was almost impossible. I finally got to see the bears. I had only been here during the late fall and winter and they were hibernating so this time they were all out running around, laying around, climbing trees & just being as cute as possible. Miles loves animals believe it or not and his favorite were the sheep and goats because they actually came close to us and yelled & jumped around. Maybe owning a farm is something we should look into 😉

The last few weeks he has been really paying attention to the smallest details and it’s adorable. He can spot a tag on something from a mile away (exaggerating mamma) & loves zippers, buttons and just about anything he gets his hands on. He will grab a toy or piece of food I give and turn it all angles, look inside, underneath & then swap hands and do it all over again. Then it goes straight into the mouth for a final analysis. I remember the days when he would spit his pacifier out and I would have to reach my hand back while driving or pick it up off the floor 238742873 times. Now he takes it out and puts it back in as needed. Sometimes he will just be playing amongst a pile of toys and spot his pacifier and all the sudden it’s in his mouth. cute.

He even stops to look at it first, adjusting it in his hands to find the right spot. Sometimes it goes in upside down and either way he just sucks proudly 🙂

ya I sound proud… it’s the smallest things this little babe does that just put a smile on my face. Things I try and document and take pictures of. Thanks to him my phone has had to be uploaded onto a hard-drive almost 4 times since he’s been born haha… I miss the good old days when you would take a picture hoping it turned out and going to get them developed and having to wait 4-7 days before the results. Usually 40% of them came out the way they were supposed to while the rest were just a blurr or a moment in time you had forgotten even happened …. My plan when I get back is to buy an old school polaroid camera. I know the film is expensive so I’ll use it for special occasions.

plan B: Get all my pictures from day 1 developed off my phone and hard-drive. Turns out it was already going to be around $50 when I tried after just 4 months of Miles being in our lives. Can’t imagine now 4 months later and a whole country of photos. YIKES

ps thanks to a beautiful mess I downloaded the latest app PartyPartyApp! Check them out. It’s already #1 in the App Store and super fun for taking photo booth, slideshow, cropped pictures… ❤







blame the sun

You can blame the sun for my absence lately. We have spent the last two days either meeting friends for what Sweden calls a fika:

fika: meeting with friends, co workers, family, significant other over coffee & simply enjoying both the coffee and eachother’s company for an hour or so.

anyways yesterday we finished moving into our new place and laying out on our picnic blanket absorbing the warm Stockholm sun. Today we went to Hagaparken nearby and sunbathed, swam and had a yummy bulgur salad with Miles. Miles absolutely loves the water… he gets so excited if we even go near it and no matter the temperature he can’t wait to get in & splash around. After the park we walked back home in order to prep for dinner and company coming.

I found myself realizing today how much I actually did miss and love Stockholm. I know I was bitching the other day, blame the weather, but I do love this place and the people in it. However California is my home right now, & our relationship isn’t over quite yet. I am dying to get home (when we get a home) and start creating a life once again.

I’ve been job hunting like a maniac lately & so far no good but I am in contact with several companies so time will tell…. there isn’t too much of a rush to get back to work luckily since Marcus can take care of us the first couple months 🙂 I have a business plan I am desperate to start up & a partner in crime willing to help out…. so many grown up decisions coming our way, but first we have a few more weeks here in lovely Scandinavia and a mini Euro-trip coming up at the end of the month to enjoy before heading back to reality.




Swedish BBQ


Last night Fanny and her family invited us over to her house for a BBQ dinner. Around 5 pm we drove over and stayed there for a few hours before both Miles & us started to get tired and feel the need to head back home.

We enjoyed some beer, lamb sausages, beef, BBQ corn, grilled onions, salad & amaziiiiing homemade blueberry frozen yogurt made by Fanny’s sister Hilda.

Swedish summer feels amazing even though I haven’t been through the whole winter this time around. The sun stays up till after midnight and everyones mood is just so much better when the sun is out… I love the fact that everyone enjoys the nature around them. People wander out on long walks and collect beautiful fresh flowers to have back home & pick their own mushrooms, strawberries & blueberries just in the neighboring forests. !!! love it









Mommy bloggers meet!

Today Miles and I were invited to an event for mommy bloggers in Stockholm. We originally planned on meeting at a local park for a picnic but unfortunately the weather didn’t permit and we met at “playland” an indoor play area for kids. We were around 30 mommies all with strollers of course so you can imagine the chaos.

The event was sponsored by aloe Vera drink and Ella’s Kitchen. It was an awesome afternoon with lots of adorable babies and super nice moms. I got to finally meet Angie a friend of mine who I met basically on Instagram who has a baby the same age as Miles. His name is Alvar and he’s absolutely adorable 🙂

She lives about 45 min north but we plan on getting together as much as possible!

After a mission back to the suburbs via train and subway we made it in time to make dinner before Marcus headed off to soccer practice. It’s such a pain in the ass at times to take the subway with a stroller. Either the elevators broken, there are too many people waiting for it, you get stuck moving through a crowd, you get stuck going through the pay stalls, or you have trouble getting the stroller on and off the subway. I used to love Stockholm for their transportation and now I realize how amazing it is to have a car or carry him in just his ergo which I’ve been doing more and more.

Well it’s been a long day for the both of us. Miles just fell asleep and now it’s time for some candy and a movie.

Puss puss






Must Share!

I have to share the simple recipe for an amazing salad I had the other day at Fanny’s house:

spinach (spenat)
wheat berries (matvete cooked in veg. buljong)
cauliflower (baked) blomkol
zucchini (baked)
sea salt to taste

side of red beets (rodbetor) (cooked) topped with goat cheese (chevre) baked in the oven till cheese melts on beets


My favorite

Went to djursholm for lunch at Fannys parents house this afternoon. Miles slept for most of the night last night and woke up around 730. We had breakfast and got ready and headed out with Fanny 🙂

I love where her parents live. It’s the biggest most beautiful house in the best suburb outside of the city. We hung out with her little sister and harassed Miles before going on a long walk around. It’s still cold and grey here which is crazy considering it was almost 90f 30c the first two days we were here! We planned on going to a museum or something but don’t have the urge to leave the house in this weather.

Miles has been more cranky than usual today and just wants to nurse and sleep. Damn jetlag and teething 😦 anyways he slept during our walk and I’m now nursing him for the 3rd time in the last couple hours blahhhhhh

Heading home soon for a fika with Marcus grandma who hasn’t met Miles yet 🙂

Puss puss




Miles has started to eat puréed foods over the last few days. Being a blog reader myself I’ve heard many good things about a brand here in Sweden called Ella’s Kitchen. It’s an organic Eco friendly baby food company that makes tasty squeeze packets of puréed foods for babies. I started with the most basic breakfast one which was a combination of rice, yogurt and banana. He has had small tastes of Greek yogurt, banana, strawberry and avocado back home but never more than a few spoonfuls.

I know many people want to push babies into eating foods as soon as possible ( my mom being one of them) but for me there is no rush. Everyone does things differently and that’s the beauty with raising your own baby. My mom and I go head to head over almost everything I decide to do with miles and it’s very hard for her to let me control things for once…. Anyways. That’s a whole different issue.

Miles enjoys breastfeeding, I enjoy breastfeeding, he’s gaining accordingly, it’s cheap, it’s convenient and it works for soothing almost anything. The best part is I don’t have to wake up and make bottles …. Nothing against formula fed babies. Everyone has their own life and decision to make and I totally respect it. Someday when Miles has his own kids I’ll have to understand he and his wife will do as they wish. That’s just how it is 😉 I personally just love breastfeeding and so does Miles.

well anyways. I’ve decided to take a more baby lead weaning approach in which I let Miles do the leading. I slowly introduce foods as they come and there’s no pressure. Lately he’s been showing a lot of interest in our foods and what were eating so depending what it is, usually fruits or veggies I’ll give him a smashed up taste.

So we have no started puréed foods for breakfast along with breastfeeding and I don’t plan on doing anymore than that just yet. Mainly because I know it’ll just add more to my plate. I’m also bummed I can’t make my own here without my nutribullet or blender but when I get back home… It’s on!





Swedish grocery stores

I absolutely above all thing missed shopping at Swedish grocery stores.
There are so many differences between shopping back home and shopping here. Here are just a few…

might be a lame post to read but I couldn’t help it 😉

grocery bags:
In the US you can take hundreds if you wanted to and have the choice between paper or plastic. The affect they have on the environment is sick and unfortunate & in some cities and states they are actually starting to either cost or not offered. The bags here cost about 25 cents and are actually heavy duty and are later used to line trash cans back home as trash bags!

I think everyone knows by now Swedish candy is AMAZING. They have bin candy here that is out of this world and almost 1/3 the cost of bin candy back home. People go nuts over it and for kids Saturday is “Candy day” and kids are given a few dollars to go to the store and by candy. 🙂 Cute tradition we hope to start and carry on with Miles whether we are here or in America. Sweden is the #1 candy consuming country in the world!

Chewing gum:
random but it’s sold in small tablets similar to some brands back home but it also comes in a ziploc sort of bag instead of a box or package.

Shopping carts:
Unlike the chaotic parking lot mess we have in the US shopping carts here are for rent. You slip a 10kr (1.50$) coin into a slot that releases the cart from the others and to get it back you must return the cart. Everyone does this. We have forgotten this rule so the last few times we grocery shopped haven’t had coins on us so we can’t use a cart …. good system and results in not having to hire a cart boy or tons of dented cars in the parking lot.

Fresh flowers:
this country is all about nature. Tons of flowers are sold EVERYWHERE during the spring and summer and for much cheaper than back home. Most people however pick their own flowers out in the wild… beautiful!

As you can see from my picture (which is only about 1/5 of the amount of cheese on the shelf). Cheese is sold in HUGE lumps which you then slice at home as needed for breakfast sandwiches. The cheese is amazing and there are so many different types of basic cheeses here. We have amazing gourmet cheeses back home but not as big of a variety of everyday cheeses.

Bubbly water:
bubbly water is a lot more common here than regular mineral water. It’s sold in larger quantities, small bottles and even made at home with a “soda stream”. I am not too big on the bubbly water, however some flavors are better than others. I also am not big on soda in general so anything carbonated just reminds me of soda :/

ok I’m done for now haha Marcus is sitting next to me telling me how boring this post is but I know some might find it interesting 🙂 dad?