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sick babe….

This is Miles’ first time being sick and he’s not handling it so well 😦 He started Saturday night resisting a bottle while I was out and spent most of the night crying for mommy 😦 I hurried home and since 6am sat up with him trying to get him to take the bottle or atleast eat something even though he wasn’t up for it. Anyways all night last night he was up sniffling and having a hard time breathing since he was so congested 😦 He is living on my boobs… I literally feel drained and can’t even describe how long I have been laying in bed and taking care of the little guy. Im hoping he clears up by tonight. He had a warm shower and we stayed in the bathroom for awhile to help clear his head a bit. He’s taking his 8th nap of the day now and I am catching up on some blogging before going for a walk to the little farm nearby to show Miles the animals and hopefully get some fresh air.Β 

Hope your Monday’s are starting off wonderfully.Β 







drinking & being a mom

we all know those two things don’t mix. Yesterday was midsummer.. one of the biggest holidays in Sweden celebrated with food that hardly anyone likes, flowers, dancing and tons and tons of beer, cider, wine and snapps (swedish schnapps). Other years I have been able to join in on the festivities but this year we brought Miles along and decided to skip the invites to midsummer celebrations where we knew people would be partying their asses off. I figure Miles is only this young once and we can definitely skip the craziness for one year not only to take care of him but to celebrate in a new way including him in on the fun.Β 

Marcus drank & I sipped on a glass of wine. Pumping throughout the night, dealing with engorgment, being hungover and waking up at 5,6,or 7 am with a 7 month old just didn’t sound worth it. We stayed till about 11pm and everyone LOVED having Miles there and helped out so much with holding him, checking on him while he slept in the guest bedroom and even kept the music low and around the corner of the back not to disturb him πŸ™‚

We had a super nice, calm midsummer and spent it with those we care about. I can’t wait till next summer when Miles is running around and able to munch on meatballs and eggs next to us!

How was your midsummer?

tonight however is my turn finally to go out with the girls. Marcus has had his fun a few nights since we arrived in Sweden and I asked for this one night to join my friends as a close friend of mine celebrates her birthday πŸ™‚ We are heading out to the archipelago for a ”day after midsummer party” at a local resturaunt-bar. I am still deciding what to do about pumping since I forgot my hand pump at home…. sucks bringing my electric one to a bar in my purse but I would HATE to throw off my supply or be in pain all night and risk getting stretch marks from engorgment… mommy problems :p


I’ve got a few bags at home to get through the night and Marcus does amazing with Miles so as long as I don’t drink too much I am hoping on waking up early with my boys tomorrow and enjoying the day.Β 









summer plans…

So I have decided to blog every night using Marcus’ little sisters’ computer since she is in Rhodes for the summer. She has an internet USB stick attached to it so theres internet on it, however I won’t be able to upload pictures since their usually all on my phone. I promise to attach them everytime I get internet.Β 

Anyways the last week has been chaotic planning Miles baptism and getting the last finishing touches in order. My bestfriend Stina came up from MalmΓΆ (5 hours south of Stockholm) with her boyfriend Marcus since she was to be Miles’ godmother πŸ™‚ We spent all of Friday getting the last things in order before the big day Saturday. Saturday couldn’t have gone more perfect… we rented the room next to the church to host the reception in after the actual ceremony. Since it was the first time most of our friends would meet Miles we had around 65 guests from as far as Gothenburg and SkΓ₯ne πŸ˜€ both friends & family. We got keys to the hall at about 9:30 awhich gave us an hour and a half to fill 40 balloons, cut and decorate tables with table cloths, put up the balloons, put up pom poms, set out food and dishes…. it was chaos and thanks to Stina, Marcus, Angie & Jens we got it all done JUST IN TIME. Marcus amazing sister and mom made tons of delcious quiches and my friend Klara made the best blueberry cupcakes. The decorations, amount of food, drinks, people… everything went absolutely perfect and we got to visit with all of our friends and family (some we hadn’t seen in 2.5 years!). Miles has been VERY attached to both Marcus & I lately & I blame that mainly on the fact that it’s usually just us 3 in Santa Barbara. We have had someone babysit him a few times but mostly when he is sleeping and we don’t get too many visitors since we are usually both busy & were only there a few months after he was born. Now that we are here it is still us 3 a lot that handle him… therefor he was not too into everyone holding, touching, ,kissing or even taking pictures of him at the party.


I told myself I would NEVER have a kid who ONLY let his parents hold him or tantrumed with other people… this is something that needs to change. Since I know he is teething and being here has taken a toll on his routine I am giving him a break but as of now we are letting more and more people hold and love him just as much as we do.Β 

I promise pictures from the baptism soon but here are a few teasers I stole from facebook!


ps. the rash he had on his body totally disappeared and sometime reappears.. we are not sure if it’s because of the cat hair and cat that lingers around Marcus’ dad’s apartment or because of the food he is exposed to. ….. we have a Dr. apt on Wednesday so we will find out more then.



Β Image

Mommy bloggers meet!

Today Miles and I were invited to an event for mommy bloggers in Stockholm. We originally planned on meeting at a local park for a picnic but unfortunately the weather didn’t permit and we met at “playland” an indoor play area for kids. We were around 30 mommies all with strollers of course so you can imagine the chaos.

The event was sponsored by aloe Vera drink and Ella’s Kitchen. It was an awesome afternoon with lots of adorable babies and super nice moms. I got to finally meet Angie a friend of mine who I met basically on Instagram who has a baby the same age as Miles. His name is Alvar and he’s absolutely adorable πŸ™‚

She lives about 45 min north but we plan on getting together as much as possible!

After a mission back to the suburbs via train and subway we made it in time to make dinner before Marcus headed off to soccer practice. It’s such a pain in the ass at times to take the subway with a stroller. Either the elevators broken, there are too many people waiting for it, you get stuck moving through a crowd, you get stuck going through the pay stalls, or you have trouble getting the stroller on and off the subway. I used to love Stockholm for their transportation and now I realize how amazing it is to have a car or carry him in just his ergo which I’ve been doing more and more.

Well it’s been a long day for the both of us. Miles just fell asleep and now it’s time for some candy and a movie.

Puss puss






My favorite

Went to djursholm for lunch at Fannys parents house this afternoon. Miles slept for most of the night last night and woke up around 730. We had breakfast and got ready and headed out with Fanny πŸ™‚

I love where her parents live. It’s the biggest most beautiful house in the best suburb outside of the city. We hung out with her little sister and harassed Miles before going on a long walk around. It’s still cold and grey here which is crazy considering it was almost 90f 30c the first two days we were here! We planned on going to a museum or something but don’t have the urge to leave the house in this weather.

Miles has been more cranky than usual today and just wants to nurse and sleep. Damn jetlag and teething 😦 anyways he slept during our walk and I’m now nursing him for the 3rd time in the last couple hours blahhhhhh

Heading home soon for a fika with Marcus grandma who hasn’t met Miles yet πŸ™‚

Puss puss



Swedish grocery stores

I absolutely above all thing missed shopping at Swedish grocery stores.
There are so many differences between shopping back home and shopping here. Here are just a few…

might be a lame post to read but I couldn’t help it πŸ˜‰

grocery bags:
In the US you can take hundreds if you wanted to and have the choice between paper or plastic. The affect they have on the environment is sick and unfortunate & in some cities and states they are actually starting to either cost or not offered. The bags here cost about 25 cents and are actually heavy duty and are later used to line trash cans back home as trash bags!

I think everyone knows by now Swedish candy is AMAZING. They have bin candy here that is out of this world and almost 1/3 the cost of bin candy back home. People go nuts over it and for kids Saturday is “Candy day” and kids are given a few dollars to go to the store and by candy. πŸ™‚ Cute tradition we hope to start and carry on with Miles whether we are here or in America. Sweden is the #1 candy consuming country in the world!

Chewing gum:
random but it’s sold in small tablets similar to some brands back home but it also comes in a ziploc sort of bag instead of a box or package.

Shopping carts:
Unlike the chaotic parking lot mess we have in the US shopping carts here are for rent. You slip a 10kr (1.50$) coin into a slot that releases the cart from the others and to get it back you must return the cart. Everyone does this. We have forgotten this rule so the last few times we grocery shopped haven’t had coins on us so we can’t use a cart …. good system and results in not having to hire a cart boy or tons of dented cars in the parking lot.

Fresh flowers:
this country is all about nature. Tons of flowers are sold EVERYWHERE during the spring and summer and for much cheaper than back home. Most people however pick their own flowers out in the wild… beautiful!

As you can see from my picture (which is only about 1/5 of the amount of cheese on the shelf). Cheese is sold in HUGE lumps which you then slice at home as needed for breakfast sandwiches. The cheese is amazing and there are so many different types of basic cheeses here. We have amazing gourmet cheeses back home but not as big of a variety of everyday cheeses.

Bubbly water:
bubbly water is a lot more common here than regular mineral water. It’s sold in larger quantities, small bottles and even made at home with a “soda stream”. I am not too big on the bubbly water, however some flavors are better than others. I also am not big on soda in general so anything carbonated just reminds me of soda :/

ok I’m done for now haha Marcus is sitting next to me telling me how boring this post is but I know some might find it interesting πŸ™‚ dad?







Baptism planning

Today we went and checked out the church in which we plan on baptizing Miles at June 14th. It was one of the most beautiful churches I had ever seen and was in fact built in the 1600s! I can’t wait to see everyone that will be there… friends I haven’t seen in over two years and all of Marcus’ family (some I haven’t met yet).

After the actual baptism we are having a little fika/luncheon in the hall on the same property as the church. The church lies on a cemetery as well in which some of Marcus’ family is buried at so we visited their graves and took Miles to see his great grandfather Bo.

It’s still COLD AS F here so we couldn’t stay long and other than that hav pretty much stayed in all day and pigged out on all my favorite Swedish foods from breakfast till dinner….

puss puss








City adventures

Last night Marcus, Miles and I took the subway into the city. Since we’re staying at Marcus’ dad’s apartment it’s a bit outside the city. It only takes about 20 minutes by subway to get there though πŸ™‚ We met up with our friend Oscar first to say hi and introduce Miles before heading over to my old roommate and good friend fanny’s for dinner. Josefin, Gabbie & Fanny’s boyfriend joined us. It was a long night filled with catching up, harassing Miles, and lots of spaghetti, coffee & chocolate πŸ™‚ Last night was a HUGE drop in temperature and ended up being close to 55 f! (7c) We obviously did not plan for cold weather this summer (even though it is Sweden) and only brought shorts, tanks, and light sweaters. We brought Miles’ stroller but I mainly used the ergo to carry him around as it kept him and I warmer. Taking the subway was definitely a mission with a stroller & I am not sure how often in the future this summer I plan on bringing the stroller vs. his ergo. Some of the elevators were broken which we needed in order to get to the next platform when transferring which meant we had to take the stairs or escalator and without Marcus it’ll be difficult to board on time before the doors close and the train takes off.Β 


The prices have also gone up DRAMATICALLY from what I recall. For the two of us to get into the city and back it was around 20 dollars! Gas here is about 10 dollars a gallon so driving isn’t the best option either…. I think we plan on getting a monthly train pass which ends up being around 120 dollars each! We will see how much it all adds up to be after the next few weeks to see if it’s worth it or not.Β 

I do love the idea of taking public transportation for the sake of not having to find or pay for parking and just to take advantage of how simple it is in comparison of back home.Β