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real talk

This post may or may not be interesting to those of you without a baby but I thought I would share the habits and routines we have here at ”home”. (note: these will all dramatically change once we travel through time -9 hours when we fly back to Cali)

So once Miles was about 3/4 months he started sleeping through the night or waking once to nurse at the most around 2/3am. He went to bed by 730 and woke up around 7/8. Like I’ve mentioned 3289723 times he didn’t handle the jet lag too well and luckily since he’s still young we flipped the routine pretty easily and the last month he has been sleeping fine. His naps are regulated to about once around 930am, once around 1pm and a late afternoon nap around 4/5pm. He has now stretched his bedtime to about 830/9 which is fine since the sun doesn’t set till around 11pm anyways here during the summer.

The only issue we have had since coming here is that he wants to either spoon with me till he falls asleep or nurse till he’s just about passed out and I sneak in a pacifier. I love this more than anything but it makes it difficult for me to leave ever for any reason. If Marcus or anyone else lays with him he just about screams and cries himself to sleep, which I hate & don’t feel is necessary for a baby his age. I have had to pass on plenty of dinner invites, parties that start earlier than 930pm or drinking wine before he’s asleep. (ok that made me sound like an alchy but you know what I mean ;)) So after racking my brain coming up with different ideas I have decided to start bottle feeding more often than I have been… which has been maybe 3 times since we have been here. I have been with Miles all day every day for the most part or only gone a couple hours and back in time for a feeding. Miles will drink a bottle if he absolutely HAS to and the only bottles we have ever tried, bought or used are Avent, and he’s still using the newborn nipple since he basically drowns with any other level ones.

Ok… so what’s the problem? The problem is he puts up a horrible fight over drinking from a bottle and even after it’s done he tantrums and acts like a maniac because it wasn’t as satisfying as mamma. Which means when I do drink, he will eat and take a bottle but he’s miserable and crying anyways .

new plan: before this post gets any longer I have started bottle feeding and taking turns doing it with Marcus while I am around so he doesn’t think boobies are the only way he can eat. I also don’t want him to relate a bottle to ONLY Marcus and me being gone. Yesterday he took a bottle without a fight and passed out while drinking in his stroller while we were out shopping. Tonight was a little harder but I ended up holding him on my side hip and Marcus & I took turns feeding him while I stood and watched and comforted with just my voice.

I was thrilled to see this work 😀
After his bottle we played a bit and I went into the room, laid him in his bed and he fell asleep without me laying next to him . Maybe today was a lucky day but I am now going to bottle feed before bed so he 1. Gets a full belly 2. Gets used to the idea of me not ALWAYS being there 3. I don’t have to be the only one doing bedtime

ps when I say he has a bottle I mean it’s filled with breastmilkk. I plan on breastfeeding till he’s 1 at least but would like to introduce more foods in the meantime so it’s not his only source of nutrition and other people can have fun feeding too 😀 Is it just me or do any of you mammas get super excited when something works.. I felt really proud tonight of both me and Marcus and somedays when we feel like we’re totally failing I will remember a moment like tonight when we put our brains together and re trained our little man.

My goal: Miles to be comfortable drinking from a bottle from anyone if need be & for him to be able to be laid in his crib/bed/our bed when it’s time and fall asleep with his pacifier and lovie.

ps: we have stopped co sleeping as the bed situation we have now isn’t big enough or safe enough for Miles & he has been sleeping in another room because it’s darker and less noisy since we watch TV, and stay up late. The last 4 nights he hasn’t woke up once from 8/9pm-6am! I have woken up engorged and panicking that something has happened to him and begged Marcus to go check because I couldn’t handle… he has just been sound asleep. I am so proud of him but my swollen boobs are taking the toll. I have been pumping like crazy both for a back up supply and to keep producing!

hope this helps any other struggling mommies out there.
ps: as for getting him to take the bottle. It has helped when we give it to him before we think he will start fussing and sometimes we place it next to him laying down and he plays with it for a bit and feeds himself. We try not to make it a big deal, hold him when he’s eating (unless it’s in an upright position) and we keep it stress free and relaxed. This kid really feeds off our emotions and does so much better when things are ”chill”





As you know it has been quite the challenge having Miles here this summer. We have bounced back and forth between friends and family members homes & apartments trying to visit with everyone and have a place to stay. Luckily Miles will sleep anywhere but the trick has been getting him to sleep when it’s almost just as sunny outside at 10pm as it was at 3pm…

He went from an almost flawless routine in SB and was able to fall asleep with either Marcus and I barely holding his hand from the side of the bed or bassinet to now… pacifying himself to sleep with my boob, sweating skin to skin & taking almost 5 attempts every 20 min or so from around 7-830pm. :/ only to wake up again 2-3 times throughout the night to nurse him back to sleep… which usually results in me falling asleep with him in the small kids bed we have him in currently.

I need a massage.

Well well… another month or month and a half left here and I am already counting down the days as to when I can sleep train the shit out of him and get a solid nights sleep.

Anyways on a positive note baby led weaning is going beautifully. Miles has his favorite foods and will try almost anything. He loves to crunch crackers and bread in his hands or against the table so we try to keep things on the mushier side.
-cucumbers, watermelon, chicken, sourdough bread, strawberry, apple & noodles are his favorite so far.

I am still BFing as often as I can and find that he goes anywhere from 3-5 hours in between now which is CRAZY! I am constantly engorged… well was… my supply is going down now and though I should be pumping for a back up supply.. I suck and am either too lazy or would rather force feed him :/ (something I promise I am going to get better at so daddy can take him places every now and then).

what else…
he is quite the bossy little man these days and has started to scream and say “dada”. I am convinced however this doesn’t mean daddy is his first word since we have called Marcus ‘pappa’ since day 1 (Swedish for dad). Marcus will obviously tell you differently haha

Marcus is currently trying to pry me off of the ipad and keep me from planning dream trips around Europe this summer since we would rather spend the money in SB & have a wonderful semester there in a bigger and better apartment than last time. wahhhhhh….

Paris might have to wait this time around since our tickets back home aren’t even booked yet & we are looking at around 6-700 a pop.



sick babe….

This is Miles’ first time being sick and he’s not handling it so well 😦 He started Saturday night resisting a bottle while I was out and spent most of the night crying for mommy 😦 I hurried home and since 6am sat up with him trying to get him to take the bottle or atleast eat something even though he wasn’t up for it. Anyways all night last night he was up sniffling and having a hard time breathing since he was so congested 😦 He is living on my boobs… I literally feel drained and can’t even describe how long I have been laying in bed and taking care of the little guy. Im hoping he clears up by tonight. He had a warm shower and we stayed in the bathroom for awhile to help clear his head a bit. He’s taking his 8th nap of the day now and I am catching up on some blogging before going for a walk to the little farm nearby to show Miles the animals and hopefully get some fresh air. 

Hope your Monday’s are starting off wonderfully. 






drinking & being a mom

we all know those two things don’t mix. Yesterday was midsummer.. one of the biggest holidays in Sweden celebrated with food that hardly anyone likes, flowers, dancing and tons and tons of beer, cider, wine and snapps (swedish schnapps). Other years I have been able to join in on the festivities but this year we brought Miles along and decided to skip the invites to midsummer celebrations where we knew people would be partying their asses off. I figure Miles is only this young once and we can definitely skip the craziness for one year not only to take care of him but to celebrate in a new way including him in on the fun. 

Marcus drank & I sipped on a glass of wine. Pumping throughout the night, dealing with engorgment, being hungover and waking up at 5,6,or 7 am with a 7 month old just didn’t sound worth it. We stayed till about 11pm and everyone LOVED having Miles there and helped out so much with holding him, checking on him while he slept in the guest bedroom and even kept the music low and around the corner of the back not to disturb him 🙂

We had a super nice, calm midsummer and spent it with those we care about. I can’t wait till next summer when Miles is running around and able to munch on meatballs and eggs next to us!

How was your midsummer?

tonight however is my turn finally to go out with the girls. Marcus has had his fun a few nights since we arrived in Sweden and I asked for this one night to join my friends as a close friend of mine celebrates her birthday 🙂 We are heading out to the archipelago for a ”day after midsummer party” at a local resturaunt-bar. I am still deciding what to do about pumping since I forgot my hand pump at home…. sucks bringing my electric one to a bar in my purse but I would HATE to throw off my supply or be in pain all night and risk getting stretch marks from engorgment… mommy problems :p


I’ve got a few bags at home to get through the night and Marcus does amazing with Miles so as long as I don’t drink too much I am hoping on waking up early with my boys tomorrow and enjoying the day. 










Miles has started to eat puréed foods over the last few days. Being a blog reader myself I’ve heard many good things about a brand here in Sweden called Ella’s Kitchen. It’s an organic Eco friendly baby food company that makes tasty squeeze packets of puréed foods for babies. I started with the most basic breakfast one which was a combination of rice, yogurt and banana. He has had small tastes of Greek yogurt, banana, strawberry and avocado back home but never more than a few spoonfuls.

I know many people want to push babies into eating foods as soon as possible ( my mom being one of them) but for me there is no rush. Everyone does things differently and that’s the beauty with raising your own baby. My mom and I go head to head over almost everything I decide to do with miles and it’s very hard for her to let me control things for once…. Anyways. That’s a whole different issue.

Miles enjoys breastfeeding, I enjoy breastfeeding, he’s gaining accordingly, it’s cheap, it’s convenient and it works for soothing almost anything. The best part is I don’t have to wake up and make bottles …. Nothing against formula fed babies. Everyone has their own life and decision to make and I totally respect it. Someday when Miles has his own kids I’ll have to understand he and his wife will do as they wish. That’s just how it is 😉 I personally just love breastfeeding and so does Miles.

well anyways. I’ve decided to take a more baby lead weaning approach in which I let Miles do the leading. I slowly introduce foods as they come and there’s no pressure. Lately he’s been showing a lot of interest in our foods and what were eating so depending what it is, usually fruits or veggies I’ll give him a smashed up taste.

So we have no started puréed foods for breakfast along with breastfeeding and I don’t plan on doing anymore than that just yet. Mainly because I know it’ll just add more to my plate. I’m also bummed I can’t make my own here without my nutribullet or blender but when I get back home… It’s on!





Teething babe

It’s officially began. Miles has definitely started teething the last couple days. He’s fussy and wants nothing more than to nurse and nap :/ I finally got him to relax in his bouncy chair without me as long as he watches Barney, holds his blankie, and sucks his pacifier. Poor babe 😦 lucky for me it means extra snuggles but my arms are killing me from holding him all day.


You know your a nursing mom when…

This is how I wake up and sleep through most of the night. Camis and wife beater tank tops are a way of life for me since having Miles.


Time away….


Since I started working again it hasn’t been easy for Miles. I nanny for several families in the area and work as a behaviorist for some high school students with special needs. Most of my clients and kids allow for me to bring Miles which is easier than leaving him at home with Marcus for hours which means bottle feeding pumped milk :/

Marcus is an amazing dad but unfortunately the bond of a baby and a mother who breastfeeds is almost unbreakable. Most of the time he does fine and will take at least some of the bottle but night time is the hardest. Miles is so used to the routine of mommy putting him to bed by nursing and cuddling that he has a hard time going down for anyone else. This means countless hours of screaming, crying and bottle rejection for Marcus to deal with.

We are trying everything from using his swing to soothe him to bathing and rocking but it’s just ending with him crying himself to sleep. 😦 when I do take Miles with me it usually turns into me acting and feeling like a mom of multiple children and since he still constantly wants to be held and entertained it makes it difficult to pay attention to the 2 & 5 year olds I watch.

Hoping things will get better as we continue working together on solutions. I would hate for Miles to only feel comfortable and happy when I am around, I do want to go back to work full time afteR the summer especially since we need the income again, but I would hate for things to continue the way they are. Any tips?

I’m babysitting for a family now and have been here since 6:30 and Miles cried from when I left basically until 8:15 and refused to drink his bottle. He is finally asleep and I’m wondering if he will just grow out of this or get used to it the more frequently it occurs?


Breastfeeding 101


From the day I found out i was pregnant I started harassing the internet and reading every book I could on pregnancy and the first year after baby is born. I read everything from feeding, bathing, sleeping to playing, talking and walking. I knew from the very beginning that breastfeeding was the ultimate choice and way to go!

I had heard horror stories from friends about painful nipples from baby latching incorrectly to the pain you suffer from engorgement. I was obviously terrified to start and had no idea what I was doing but I knew it was the best thing and something I strongly believed in …

The doctors instantly attempted to get baby to latch after I recovered. Unfortunately the window of opportunity is from the second baby is born to 2 hours after making it easier and the chances of a good latch from start higher had passed for me as I was going on 4 hours later.
Anyways the latch was fine, a little sore but bearable. After sucking for close to 1-2 minutes Miles fell asleep. We struggled with keeping him awake for more than a few minutes without sucking himself to sleep. 2 days passed with this constant issue and me realizing I was still only producing colostrum (the thick creamy yellow white substance that comes when baby is born for the first few days till the “milk” comes in). Since this was the most important part of breastfeeding I let him suck out all he could then pumped the last couple drops and fed him it through the worlds tiniest bottle.

I luckily had no issues with nipple confusion and he has taken a pacifier since the first week of birth. Once my milk came in my nipples were a little sore so I used silicon nipple protectors which he didn’t mind while they healed, these actually improved his latch!

After a few days of healing all was well and the covers came off, Miles at first favored one breast but I continued to push him onto the other as much as possible till he eventually took both!

I am so lucky to have such an awesome little b-feeder still to this day! Both sides work perfectly, his latch doesn’t hurt, he will take any position I give it to him in & best of all if I’m not around I have tons of milk in my freezer and he’s fine with taking a bottle from daddy !

Let me know if you have any breastfeeding questions, comments or concerns! I would love to help!

p.s. I have absolutely nothing against those that formula feed and I know not all of us are as lucky as I was. I had a friend who struggled with bleeding, raw, sore nipples for months and continued to push through and get past it and I have mom who say it just wasn’t for them or they couldn’t produce enough, had troubles latching, felt uncomfortable or could only BF for the first few weeks before returning to work.
To each their own and I don’t judge! Being a mom is the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever had and I tip my hat to every mom out there no matter how they choose to feed baby!