how it all began…


So to keep it short and sweet my Swedish adventures began in 2009 when I moved to Santa Barbara to be with a Swedish boy I had fallen for… not “the boy” however. After this boy had to return to his homeland “Sweden” for good I decided I would do whatever it took to move there and study or work abroad to make things work.

Months went by, communication was lost & distance made the heart grow apart in this case. 10 months later I was offered an Au Pair position for a Swedish family in Stockholm who had three little boys. I was offered a live in nanny position with decent pay and for a years minimum commitment. I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

I moved to Sweden the September of 2010. Might I add the communication between the boy and I had diminished and I was simply there for the love of the country (after visiting for a summer in 09′) and my friends I had made in Santa Barbara that past year.

Things were going just fine and I told myself I wouldn’t fall in love abroad to avoid another heart ache when I had to go back…well

Things turned upside down and changed forever when I was invited to a mutual friends birthday party in which THE BOY (Marcus) was also attending.

Long story short we danced, we drank, we kissed lalalalala and the rest is history.

Well not quite.. after a few months of dating I decided I wouldn’t get attached and get myself into the same situation as before so I ended things. After seeing life through “single eyes” again I realized what I let go might have actually been something worth holding onto so after a few months we decided to make it official and work things out.

So here we were in Stockholm doing perfectly fine when my au pair contract came to an end and it was time for me to go home or find another job. I decided I wanted to give the south of Sweden a shot as that was where my best friend lived so I got a job as a preschool teacher at an international preschool in a town called Lund and lived the crazy and wild student life (with a boyfriend) for a few months.

Things between Marcus and I were rocky during these months because of distance, drinking and a whole lot of miscommunication. Once again distance was tearing up something I loved. We decided it was either time for me to move back to Stockholm or both of us make a big move to California where he would pursue his education and I would finish mine.

California it was….
Santa Barbara to be exact. So here we are today. We have been in California for almost 2.5 years and this last December surprise surprise I gave birth to my little Miles. He is coming up on 4 1/2 months this week and time is flying by.

Marcus is continuing his education and just finished his undergrad at Santa Barbara City College in Business Management and played as a kicker for the American football team there and is now looking to transfer.
I stopped going to school realizing it wasn’t for me after too many missed classes and continued to work as a behavioral interventionist working with kids and adults with special needs at home and in the community and am now a stay at home mom working with several clients part time.

This summer we will journey to Stockholm, Sweden for Miles to visit his homeland and the rest of his family and all of our friends for the summer with a little stop in Paris and hopefully Ireland!

I promise my posts won’t be this long but just thought I would introduce myself before I get into the good stuff 😉

pregnancy & birth story coming next… stay tuned

bed time !
xoxo puss puss