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sick babe….

This is Miles’ first time being sick and he’s not handling it so well 😦 He started Saturday night resisting a bottle while I was out and spent most of the night crying for mommy 😦 I hurried home and since 6am sat up with him trying to get him to take the bottle or atleast eat something even though he wasn’t up for it. Anyways all night last night he was up sniffling and having a hard time breathing since he was so congested 😦 He is living on my boobs… I literally feel drained and can’t even describe how long I have been laying in bed and taking care of the little guy. Im hoping he clears up by tonight. He had a warm shower and we stayed in the bathroom for awhile to help clear his head a bit. He’s taking his 8th nap of the day now and I am catching up on some blogging before going for a walk to the little farm nearby to show Miles the animals and hopefully get some fresh air. 

Hope your Monday’s are starting off wonderfully. 









For those of you who are mommies and even for those of you who are over worked, tired, or have a life filled with anxiety or even depression sex seems like the LAST thing on your mind.

Unfortunately these days sex is everywhere and constantly craved and desired by millions. For me being a mom means working 24 hours a day on top of my already job that doesn’t involve taking care of Miles.. I am exhausted at the end of the day, sometimes so much that I decide to go to bed when Miles does around 8:00pm. This unfortunately leaves no time for Marcus and I to just spend time with eachother and rarely do we get the chance to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner without Miles needing to be picked up, changed, fed.

Though life is getting easier and we are figuring things out and making more time for eachother there are still dinners missed, early bedtimes and sometimes a whole day goes by without saying “i love you” or even getting a kiss hello … this is life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I do find myself wondering if I am alone in this “lack of desire for sex” (sorry mom & dad TMI)

I came across a post from one of my favorite bloggers titled “Heartbreak or Hormones” and she couldn’t have stated it better!
She talks about everything from reasons behind this lack of desire to ways to “bring it back”.

Read here

I am working on a few things in my life these days:
in my further posts I will keep you updated on how things are going!

Any mammas relate out there?

A: better my body which leads to a better self esteem
B: clear my head and slow down
C: focus on my relationship with Marcus
D: Give Miles more “unsupervised” time with Marcus