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Date night

Last night Marcus and I were invited to our friend Oscar’s for Marcus’ famous Parmesan cream lasagne. Basically an explosion of calories, cheese, carbs and all the other goodness that starts with C. After two slices, a glass of red and too much garlic bread we headed out.

The night was young (830) and Miles was tired. I got him to fall asleep with the help of the magical ergo and laid him in his stroller. Marcus and I randomly decided to bust open our sparkling rose we bought and sit ourselves across the way on a dock on a little island called Långholmen.

Långholmen is probably one of my top favorite places to be in Stockholm because of it’s charm & the fact that it is surrounded by my favorite little hipster part of town Södermalm. There was amazing music coming from the blues band across the water and a little family of ducklings kept us company.

Embarassing enough we forgot glasses so we drank from the bottle. Moments like these make it all the more memorable.

With miles fast asleep in the stroller we sat on the edge of the dock with our feet dangling above the water just soaking in one of the most perfect Swedish summer nights so far.

After half the bottle and a setting sun we headed for the subway. Marcus and I hardly get to enjoy ourselves like this since we usually head home for Miles bedtime but now that I see he can sleep perfectly in the stroller I think we owe ourselves a few more fun nights out!

Anyways my mommy brain is feeling it today and I’ve got a small headache…. Some coffee should fix that 😉 Miles woke up around 6/630 but after some playtime, breakfast and cartoons we both laid down for a nap and daddy left for football practice.
Plans for today? I’m thinking of taking the bus to the nearby public pool and swimming with Miles…

How does your Saturday look?















sick babe….

This is Miles’ first time being sick and he’s not handling it so well 😦 He started Saturday night resisting a bottle while I was out and spent most of the night crying for mommy 😦 I hurried home and since 6am sat up with him trying to get him to take the bottle or atleast eat something even though he wasn’t up for it. Anyways all night last night he was up sniffling and having a hard time breathing since he was so congested 😦 He is living on my boobs… I literally feel drained and can’t even describe how long I have been laying in bed and taking care of the little guy. Im hoping he clears up by tonight. He had a warm shower and we stayed in the bathroom for awhile to help clear his head a bit. He’s taking his 8th nap of the day now and I am catching up on some blogging before going for a walk to the little farm nearby to show Miles the animals and hopefully get some fresh air. 

Hope your Monday’s are starting off wonderfully. 






drinking & being a mom

we all know those two things don’t mix. Yesterday was midsummer.. one of the biggest holidays in Sweden celebrated with food that hardly anyone likes, flowers, dancing and tons and tons of beer, cider, wine and snapps (swedish schnapps). Other years I have been able to join in on the festivities but this year we brought Miles along and decided to skip the invites to midsummer celebrations where we knew people would be partying their asses off. I figure Miles is only this young once and we can definitely skip the craziness for one year not only to take care of him but to celebrate in a new way including him in on the fun. 

Marcus drank & I sipped on a glass of wine. Pumping throughout the night, dealing with engorgment, being hungover and waking up at 5,6,or 7 am with a 7 month old just didn’t sound worth it. We stayed till about 11pm and everyone LOVED having Miles there and helped out so much with holding him, checking on him while he slept in the guest bedroom and even kept the music low and around the corner of the back not to disturb him 🙂

We had a super nice, calm midsummer and spent it with those we care about. I can’t wait till next summer when Miles is running around and able to munch on meatballs and eggs next to us!

How was your midsummer?

tonight however is my turn finally to go out with the girls. Marcus has had his fun a few nights since we arrived in Sweden and I asked for this one night to join my friends as a close friend of mine celebrates her birthday 🙂 We are heading out to the archipelago for a ”day after midsummer party” at a local resturaunt-bar. I am still deciding what to do about pumping since I forgot my hand pump at home…. sucks bringing my electric one to a bar in my purse but I would HATE to throw off my supply or be in pain all night and risk getting stretch marks from engorgment… mommy problems :p


I’ve got a few bags at home to get through the night and Marcus does amazing with Miles so as long as I don’t drink too much I am hoping on waking up early with my boys tomorrow and enjoying the day. 









summer plans…

So I have decided to blog every night using Marcus’ little sisters’ computer since she is in Rhodes for the summer. She has an internet USB stick attached to it so theres internet on it, however I won’t be able to upload pictures since their usually all on my phone. I promise to attach them everytime I get internet. 

Anyways the last week has been chaotic planning Miles baptism and getting the last finishing touches in order. My bestfriend Stina came up from Malmö (5 hours south of Stockholm) with her boyfriend Marcus since she was to be Miles’ godmother 🙂 We spent all of Friday getting the last things in order before the big day Saturday. Saturday couldn’t have gone more perfect… we rented the room next to the church to host the reception in after the actual ceremony. Since it was the first time most of our friends would meet Miles we had around 65 guests from as far as Gothenburg and Skåne 😀 both friends & family. We got keys to the hall at about 9:30 awhich gave us an hour and a half to fill 40 balloons, cut and decorate tables with table cloths, put up the balloons, put up pom poms, set out food and dishes…. it was chaos and thanks to Stina, Marcus, Angie & Jens we got it all done JUST IN TIME. Marcus amazing sister and mom made tons of delcious quiches and my friend Klara made the best blueberry cupcakes. The decorations, amount of food, drinks, people… everything went absolutely perfect and we got to visit with all of our friends and family (some we hadn’t seen in 2.5 years!). Miles has been VERY attached to both Marcus & I lately & I blame that mainly on the fact that it’s usually just us 3 in Santa Barbara. We have had someone babysit him a few times but mostly when he is sleeping and we don’t get too many visitors since we are usually both busy & were only there a few months after he was born. Now that we are here it is still us 3 a lot that handle him… therefor he was not too into everyone holding, touching, ,kissing or even taking pictures of him at the party.


I told myself I would NEVER have a kid who ONLY let his parents hold him or tantrumed with other people… this is something that needs to change. Since I know he is teething and being here has taken a toll on his routine I am giving him a break but as of now we are letting more and more people hold and love him just as much as we do. 

I promise pictures from the baptism soon but here are a few teasers I stole from facebook!


ps. the rash he had on his body totally disappeared and sometime reappears.. we are not sure if it’s because of the cat hair and cat that lingers around Marcus’ dad’s apartment or because of the food he is exposed to. ….. we have a Dr. apt on Wednesday so we will find out more then.